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Financial Management Minutes – September 2, 2021

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2 September 2021


Committee Members in attendance: Melissa Green Chairperson, Erin Curry, Barry Hyatt, Duane Jones, Mike Cesarini, Roger Reedy and  Vicki Beard   Other Commissioners:  Rose Brown, Tommy Pollard, Tracy Wilburn, Larry Worsham, Joyce Woodard, Judy Pruett, David Wamble, Gayle Jones, Stoney Jackson.  Brad Butler, Tim Risner, Terry Harwell, and Joseph Sutton Other:  Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin, Financial Management, Roy Griggs  Ambulance, Lucy Henson  County Attorney, Steve Kelley – Transportation,  Bill Young,  Barbara Harmon – Pulaski Citizen


Chairperson Melissa Green opened the meeting, with Tommy Pollard, offering a prayer and leading the pledge.


Approval of the April 22nd Meeting Minutes were motioned for approval by Barry Hyatt, seconded by Roger Reedy, and were approved.


Agenda Item –Ambulance Write-offs – Beth provided history on a previous contractor (AMB Billing Services) responsible for debt collection, and current contractor Fox Collection. A handout was provided to the committee providing a potential Resolution and financial data for 07/01/20 through 06/30/21 of AMB data.  Beth stated she had spent considerable time and had extensive documentation from AMB including individual names and billings that were  in the amount of $4,336,246.05.  Questions on holding AMB accountable for not doing a better job in collecting were raised.  However, per Lucy, this company has subsequently split ownership,  is located in Kentucky  (a problem that would have to be addressed by a Kentucky lawyer on  a contingency) and the County did not meet some of the terms since we were changing contractors.  Lucy recommended based on Beth’s due diligence in determining how to reconcile some of AMB’s bookkeeping with the County’s that we write off as we have done in the past a yearly write-off for our books.  This doesn’t affect budget  since would be a bookkeeping and audit only situation.  Thus the Resolution would approve writing off $1,304,798.27 for 07/01/2013 and ending 12/02/2015.  The Resolution covers that period only so that Fox can continue to pursue the billings after that period.   Barry Hyatt motioned and Duane Jones seconded that the write-off be approved.  Motion approved.



2nd Agenda Item – Conflict of Interest Policy.  Lucy explained that new guidance on the Tenn. Code Ann. 5-21-121 Conflicts of Interest has been changed to provide more expansive definitions of interest. Lucy further stated that CTAS in the coming days will put out more guidance.  In particular a new requirement for the County Executive to maintain a list about “indirect interest” is now required for a public record.  Melissa explained that previously “employee” was included which meant for example if a spouse worked at a local “big box” store, the county could not purchase from them.  Now with this wording and absent the word employee, only someone with purchasing authority would be required to identify that indirect association.  Question on has the county been provided a format for that list, and the answer no.  Beth did caution that care should be taken when considering direct and indirect until more refined guidance is available.  Motion by Mike and seconded by Roger to refer to the Tenn. Code Annotated.  Motion approved.


3rd Agenda Item – Grant Management Policy.  Beth stated that auditors expect all grants to be available upon request to her office.  To make that happen she drafted  a policy based on discussions and availability of Maury County policy.  Mike asked how much of the county would this cover, e.g. schools, towns etc.  Per discussion if county has funds involved, this covers.  Barry stated his grants are somewhat different in that they are Federal or State funds , with no match required and the management is by those entities.  However he agreed that for complete record keeping this was a good idea.  The following changes were made and were included in a motion by Erin, seconded by Mike and motion approved.  Changes:  Remove word “approval” since only Legislative body approved; add “purchasing” contracts; and add “partnering agencies”  (e.g. Pulaski).


4th Agenda Item – Travel Policy  Beth mentioned there had not been a policy before and quite a few decisions were made within her office on a case by case.  A motion by Mike to postpone further discussion on this policy was seconded by Duane with additional discussion by Barry to discuss individually with Department heads and bring back at Beth’s discretion.  Motion was approved.  Prior to the motion the following discussions took place: use of the word “hardship” , training requirements; missing an Appendix E; 80% vs !00%; mainly for meals since hotels for most are covered in advance; limits on prices of meals; payroll deduction if not completed; will need a form for payroll deduction.


5th Agenda Item – Disposal of Assets.  Erin moved for approval and Barry seconded.  Motion approved.


6th Agenda Item – Pilot (Payment in lieu of Taxes) Programs.  Per Melissa this was approved last year, and was to be brought back annually, i.e. September.  Duane motioned for this to be passed on to the full commission and Erin seconded.  Question on how many if any Pilot program possibilities had occurred this past year – answer none and if had been or were to happen would be brought back to this committee.  Motion approved.


No Old Business/New Business


Motion to adjourn by Roger and seconded by Erin.  Motion approved.