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Giles County Emergency Management

The Giles County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for a range of health, safety and natural and manmade disaster response. Coordinating the County’s response to these emergencies, the Giles County OEM works closely with the Tennessee Office of Emergency Management (TEMA) and by extension with the Federal office of FEMA.

Emergency Operations Center
The GC OEM operates and maintains the Emergency Operations Center and the backup E911 service. The County’s Mobile Command Center provides the capability of a more rapid response once disasters have occurred.


Josh Young,
EMA Chief

Location: 3750 Columbia Hwy, Pulaski, TN 38478
Phone: 931-363-1342
Mail: 3750 Columbia Hwy, Pulaski, TN 38478

Weather Preparedness

Preparedness and training for the general public is a key component to surviving a weather or natural disaster. The staff of the Giles County OEM conducts presentations for a wide range of groups in all age groups to provide education and practical guidance for disaster preparedness. Residents and business owners can sign up via Hyper Reach for emergency notifications involving weather alerts or you can text “alerts” to the 931-347-8082

Fire Marshal

The Giles County Fire Marshal is part of the Office of Emergency Management. Investigations of fires, explosions as well as the enforcement of fire laws are the responsibility of this division. The Fire Marshal works in cooperation with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Sheriff’s Office, the Tennessee State Fire Marshal  and the court system to prosecute arson or other criminal activity that involved fires.

Hazardous Materials

Other responsibilities covered under the Giles County OEM include Hazardous Materials Response. These spills and clean ups also include those associated with the illegal manufacturing of methamphetamines. The goal is to safely mitigate environmental threats and the harm that can come to people and animals in the event of accidental or deliberate environmental contaminations.

Floodplain Management

Partnering with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the National Flood Insurance Program and the Tennessee Association of Floodplain Management, the Giles County OEM connects information about the floodplain with homeowners, builders, developers, planners and property owners.

Employee Accident Reporting

Giles County employees who have been injured at work should contact Human Resources to file your report for workers comp. To contact Human Resources, call 931-363-5300