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Property Committee Minutes – September 2, 2021

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2 September 2021



Committee Members in attendance:  Chairman Roger Reedy, Judy Pruett for Harold Brooks(absent),  Larry Worsham, Joyce Woodard, Tracy Wilburn, Tim Risner for David Adams(absent), and Brad Butler; Other Attendees  County Executive Melissa Greene, Other Commissioners: Tommy Pollard, Joseph Sutton, Gayle Jones, Duane Jones, Terry Harwell,  David Wamble, Stoney Jackson, Mike Cesarini, Rose Brown and Erin Curry  Departments: Roy Griggs Ambulance, Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin – Financial Management,  Lucy Henson County Attorney, Private Citizens – Bill Young, Barbara Harmon (Pulaski Citizen)


Chairman Roger Reedy opened the meeting with a request for a motion on the previous 6 August 2021 minutes.  A motion to approve those minutes was made by Larry Worsham and seconded by Tracy Wilburn.  Motion  Approved.


First agenda item:  County Executive, Melissa Greene, discussed the two proposals from KSA and OHM in order to narrow to one selection.  She stated that while both companies were acceptable, OHM was her recommendation based on several factors.  OHM, being the bigger company, could offer more resources and that they had an electronic tool that scanned the rooms which could be used for specs.  Per Erin this tool could also provide a resource if some of the historical trim needed to be replaced.  Mike suggested that if time permitted that counties that had used OHM in the past might be asked about their experiences with OHM.  Gayle asked if offices might have to be emptied for this service.  Melissa mentioned the “old Swan” building and that there is a 1 October request for a bid on a remodeling of that building.  With that completed the EM office could then move.  So given the above happening, then OHM could then complete their project as well.  David Wamble asked if there was a cost provided in the bid process, and Melissa mentioned that in professional services you can’t ask about a bid cost until after determining your contractor.  Joyce moved that the county go with OHM, Brad seconded.  Motion approved.


Old Business

Any update on the Milky Way lots.  Melissa not at this time.

Any update on the Baptist Association Building and the answer – their next meeting in October for the Association to decide if they want to sell.

HVAC in courthouse will need to be replaced shortly, however the hatch that allowed large and/or heavy items to be placed on the roof has been covered limiting what can be moved to the roof.

Leaks in the meeting room need to repaired as well as an update for LED lighting, speakers, better projection equipment, and the torn carpet.  Quotes are now “old”  but approval already given, so info only at this time.  Funding is available and since Grand Jury also uses the room, funds from that source should be available as well.

She has had a call from a new company asking about the Campbellsville spring.

Provided an email from Truist (formerly SunTrust) asking for a 5% reduction in their rental price.  Several comments on price of rental property given UT-Southern; County could use space; could consider for Ambulance Service.  Joseph asked if there is a date to respond and answer – before expiration of lease.  Also per Melissa there are some terms in the original lease for renewal that must be reviewed.  Motion by Joyce and seconded by Brad to answer no on the rental price.  Motion approved.


Tracy moved for adjournment.  Tim seconded.  Motion approved