10 JANUARY 2022
Attendees shown on attachment. 1 November 2021 minutes were moved for
approval by Rodney Journey and seconded by Erin Curry. Motion approved.
Agenda Item for BLI 141 General Purpose School – While Dr. Beard could not be
available, Beth Moore-Sumners recapped the potential changes within this BLI all
of which had been approved by the School Board. Two of the changes were for
grants moving funds for supplies and equipment and the third for Pre K – to align
with state.
Rodney Journey moved for approval, with Roger Reedy seconding. Motion
With no other old or new business, Rodney Journey moved for adjournment, with
Roger Reedy seconding. Motion approved.

Members Present:  Chairman Stoney Jackson, Erin Curry, Mike Cesarini, Rodney Journey, Tommy Pollard (sitting in for Brad Butler), Joseph Sutton, Judy Pruett

Other Commissioners Present:  Larry Worsham, Duane Jones, Tracy Wilburn, David Adams, Terry Harwell, Harold Brooks, Rose Brown, Tim Risner, Joyce Woodard, David Wamble, Roger Reedy, Bill Cary