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Regional Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – (Approved)

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Commission members present: Connie Howell, Tommy Pope, Terry Jones, Bill Myer, Malcolm Moore, Scott Stewart, Annelle Guthrie and County Executive Graham Stowe.

County commissioners attending: David Adams and Gayle Jones


The meeting was opened with a prayer and the pledge to the flag by Malcolm Moore.

Motion to approve minutes of 11/1/22 was made by Terry Jones and seconded by Tommy Pope. Motioned passed unanimously.


Connie Howell opened the meeting with a discussion about surety bonds. She has been asked to find out who keeps surety bonds and in what county office. Scott said that the planning commission was in the process of trying to figure this out before the election.


Connie had sent a list of questions concerning surety bonds to CE Stowe who then forwarded them to County Attorney Chris Williams. CA Williams said that the timeline for posting surety bonds is set by the Regional Planning Commission as part of subdivision regulations and has up to a year to do so.


Giles County and RPC should be jointly named for posting surety bonds. Most counties designate the County Finance Director as the keeper of bonds. The County Attorney would be responsible for enforcement of bonds.


If county subdivision regulations are amended, the full County Commission must then approve them.


Our subdivision standards only cover roads. The road commissioner is the one responsible for recommending surety bond amounts. It was suggested that we ask Road Commissioner Barry Hyatt to attend the next planning commission to voice any concerns and/or suggestions.


There was a discussion of roads that have been made by developers who didn’t follow basic procedures required by the county. These roads cannot be adopted by the county unless they meet county requirements.


Connie said that she would like to develop a list of existing requirements to give developers regarding the steps to be taken for subdivision development. Scott said that they had started a list and that he would look in his records of previous notes/minutes to revisit what they had come up with. It was also suggested that the list of requirements should be posted on the Regional Planning Commission’s website.


Tommy made a motion to move forward to draft a list of requirements for subdivision development and how surety bonds are handled. Scott seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


The RPC meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 5PM in the board room of the annex. The next scheduled meeting is January 3, 2023.


Terry made a motion to adjourn. Scott seconded it. Motion passed unanimously.