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Regional Planning Commission Meeting, March 2, 2021

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Regional Planning Committee Minutes

Giles County Commission

Mar. 2, 2021 | 5:00 PM | Meeting called to order by Erin curry

In Attendance

Executive Melissa Greene, Erin Curry, Duane Jones, Joyce Woodard, Tamieka Russell, Stoney Jackson, Kristen Pfeiffer, Tommy Pollard, David Adams, Scott Stewart, Roger Reedy, Gayle Jones, Harold Brooks, David Wamble, Attorney Lucy Henson

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer and Pledge led by Tommy Pollard.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the previous meeting’s minutes by Jackson and seconded by Pollard.

Motion Passed

Subdivision Plans

None to approve

Parcel Map

Executive Greene presents a parcel map from the state showing every parcel in the county and how they are being taxed currently. The map presented is based on February 2019. It does not show green belt. She will email this out to the committee. The previously approved land use management map shows nothing other than the roads. She feels this will be a good tool to use moving forward with the land use management plan.

Land Use Management Plan

Curry states that the homework was to review the commercial and industrial sections of the Franklin County example.

She would like the committee to work their way through the sections and get as far as they can within an hour. She will read the section, the committee can share their comments, and move forward.

Beginning at article 8:

Section 1.1: Greene would like to add transmission towers under uses permitted.

Stewart adds to keep in mind this can be broad and amendments can be made moving forward over the years.

1:2 states uses are permitted on appeal. Henson states this is unnecessary. There will be a section that states how appeals should be made and doesn’t need to be stated in every section.


Discussion on separation centers and recycling centers. Henson suggests since this is Giles County’s plan to use our definition of the convenience center.

The discussion ends with changing verbiage to say convenience center as opposed to separation.

Curry states that currently, shopping malls and agriculture uses are the only two things that can be appealed. Is that the most practical?

Discussion on adult entertainment. These changes would only allow adult entertainment to be established in the middle of the industrial park.

Stewart asks if there’s any way to restrict them to industrial areas by the interstate.

Henson states the Franklin Co document states adult entertainment must be located on state or federal numbered highway.


Curry states the committee feels strongly about where they don’t want them, where would we like to have them, and how do we regulate them? Should they be in a category on their own?

Henson states the committee should look at how a metro area addresses adult entertainment and reassess this point.


Curry asks if a stockyard were to come and place an appeal to go in a commercial district what are the grounds for denial?

Greene states the appeals board will have to use this document so they will need something solid to stand on.

Stewart would like to see feedlots and stockyards in uses prohibited and see what Sam says about it when reviewing the final document.

Curry reviews that currently they are going to prohibit: industrial use, junk yards, stockyards, feedlots, and anything not permitted on approval.

She would like to know what the committee thinks of the next bullet which contains: gasoline, oil, alcohol above the gram in excess of 700 gallons.


Jackson states that at the rate this committee is moving this process is likely to never be finished.

Curry agrees and asks if there any suggestions on how to more efficiently completely the process.

Stewart states he thinks it would be a good ides to sub-committee this process to about three people and bring a suggestion back to the group to be amended. This would still take awhile, but not as long as it’s going to with this process.

Curry states she supports this idea and suggests developing a sub-committe. The whole committee gives sub-committee their notes and the sub-committee will know what everyone does and doesn’t like.

Greene suggests everyone mark up the Franklin Co. example and tuen in to her office. Angela can consolidate the comments and give to the sub-committee to work from.

Curry says everyone should turn these in by 3/12 to Greene’s office.


Old Business/ New Business

No Old business

No New business


Motion to adjourn made by Pollard. Seconded by Adams. Motion Passes