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Agri-Park Committee Minutes – February 26, 2021

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Giles County Commission

Feb. 26, 2021 | 9:00 AM | Meeting called to order by George Witt

In Attendance

Executive Melissa Greene, George Witt, Brad Butler, Stoney Jackson, Duane Jones, Pat Ford, Benny Birdsong, Rose Brown, Kevin Rose, Terry Harwell, Judy Pruett, Joseph Sutton, Joyce Woodard-Morgan, Tommy Pollard, David Wamble, Mike Cessarini, Rodney Journey

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer and Pledge led by Tommy Pollard.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the previous meeting’s minutes by

and seconded by.

Motion Passed

Christmas Event Review

Greene gives an update on the success of the drive through Christmas Lights Display. Over 750 cars came through the Ag-Park for the event.

She expects it to be much bigger this year. There has been a great interest already.

Feedback was that the community enjoyed it being a free event.

Overall the event was a huge success.

More trees have already been purchased by Tourism.

Hoping to add more walking elements this year as well.

Lighting Project

Greene updates that the county commission has approved lighting around the horse arena. Due to the size of the project we will need a lighting engineer.

PES is giving a review of lighting for the entire park.

It has not been received yet.

Greene expects by the middle of March to have lighting engineer out to review the horse arena. Lawn Mower

Witt states the committee has received several bids on a new lawn mower for the Ag Park. Most bids are for 60” decks, and contain many other variants.

Witt recommends one of the Kubota or John Deere diesel options.

John Deere is $13,700, Kubota is $14,950

The Kubota is gear driven and only has one belt. This would require less maintenance. It works for 2.5 hours per gallon of diesel.

Committee reviews bids

Jackson says Kubota won the bid with state equipment so we may be able to get it cheaper. Discussion.

Wamble suggests using a dealer in Giles County.

Discussion of options.

Jackson makes a motion to ask commission for up to $15,000 to buy a lawn mower. Seconded by Motion Passes.

Old/New Business

Old Business

No old business

New Business:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes has requested to use volunteer hall for a banquet in May. They requested to have the space for free.

Butler asks if anyone gets discounts?


Greene states volunteer hall is currently $100 to rent for 4 hours.


Rose gives an update in the fair.

Everything looks good to start on the Tuesday following labor day.

A carnival has been secured.

Motion to adjourn by Jackson, seconded by Witt. Motion Pasess.