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Highway Committee Minutes, March 2, 2021

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Highway Committee Minutes

Giles County Commission

Mar. 2, 2021 | 8:45 AM | Meeting called to order by David Adams

In Attendance

Executive Melissa Greene, Erin Curry, David Wamble, Larry Worsham, Duane Jones, Gayle Jones, Judy Pruett, Tim Risner, Stoney Jackson, Roger Reedy, Joyce Woodard, Tommy Pollard, Rose Brown, David Adams, Joseph Sutton, Terry Harwell, Tracy Wilburn, Mike Cesarini, Bill Carey, Rodney Journey, Barry Hyatt

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer and Pledge led by Tommy Pollard.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the previous meeting’s minutes by Pollard and seconded Harwell.

Motion Passes.

Equipment Sale

Hyatt says the items being presented were sold on gov deal by financial management.

He says they also have a scrap pile that has also been sold

Budget Amendment

Hyatt asks for a budget amendment that would allow them to move the money from the sale back into the budget. Part of the money will go into the general fund and the rest will go into their rock line item.

Motion to approve by Wilburn. Seconded by Reedy.

Motion Passes.

Old/New Business

Old Business:

Hyatt gives an update on guard rails.


New Business:

No new business.


Reedy makes a motion to adjourn, Seconded by Pollard.

Motion Passes.