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10 JANUARY 2022


Minutes of 7 October 2021 were moved for approval by David Adams, seconded by Tommy Pollard.  Motion approved.


First Agenda Item:  OEM building – Request for Bid for update to old “Schwan” building resulted in four bidders with the lowest, from Richland Industries, at $533K.  Melissa suggested for budget purposes that be $550K with approximately $10K included as an additional change.  David Adams asked for a recap of the requirement which per Melissa Greene includes space for all OEM including a training office, bathrooms that are ADA accessible, trailer space and a loading dock torn off so that large trucks can park next to the building.  Funding for this effort comes from Hotel/Motel taxes which currently has $800k balance.  Melissa stated the Archives funding is sufficient to cover moving and storage for them.    Stoney Jackson asked what sort of priority is on this update given materials are abnormally high right now, but also commented could go even higher in the future.  Mike Cesarini asked if there is any need to change the structure of the current OEM building for the Archives to use and answer no.  A question by David Adams on sunset of using the tax dollars and answer no.  David Wamble asked about any COVID dollars available for update, but per Melissa Greene those funds were used to purchase the building but do not cover remodeling.  Stoney mentioned that the income form the Hotel/Motel tax has increased with Beth Moore-Sumners stating $23K for this month, $105K year to date, and budget for total year was $150K, so definitely increasing but no known information on why.  A motion by Joyce Woodard, seconded by Roger Reedy to send the request for $550K to the Budget Committee.  Motion approved.


Second Agenda Item:  Two parcels located on Peach Road, near Puncheon, which were bought to prevent building on that site due to being in the flood plain.  At this time can only be used for greenspace.  The property has been leased in the past to individuals located on surrounding property.  Question has been raised to sell these two parcels, putting them back on the tax roles.  However, the land was purchased with FEMA funds and would need their approval.  If to be sold would be put up for public auction with restrictions in the future on building since in flood plain.  Roger moved to start the process to sell with Tommy Pollard seconding.  Motion approved.  Melissa mentioned would be done by sealed bids with an option to raise the bid if desired.


Third Agenda Item: the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) room in the Giles County Courthouse – Melissa mentioned the national news on the appeals court overturn of a case after a jury was considered unduly influenced due to confederacy memorabilia, i.e. Confederate flag and a portrait of Jefferson Davis,  in the UDC room of courtroom.  Considerable strong feelings were expressed on both sides of this issue, e.g. counter culture, don’t agree, others get rid of room, others keep memorabilia but in other location (several mentioned).  One issue in particular is that the room itself has a historical precedent of being set aside for the UDC possibly through a resolution.  Many thought that given future appeals, no matter the decision, that a legal review would be helpful.  Also, that a discussion with the President of the UDC would be most helpful and was commented that person is “a good person to work with”.  Melissa then said she would arrange a meeting with the President of the UDC and also invited Tonya Holley who had presented the UDC’s interest.


Fourth Agenda Item:  The Campbellsville spring location – UT Southern and Melissa have had conversations about allowing their students to use the location for their Ag Program field excursions.  She would ask them to come soon to this committee to explain how the field would be used.  David Adams – not opposed to them using but the location needs some work, e.g., gates, posts and the road within the area.  Duane Jones asked about guard rails which had been raised in previous meetings but the answer was nothing done at this time.  A question was raised about selling this site and a strong response that this site is such a valuable source of water in its flow into Richland via Big Creek and possibility that the site would be exploited if not county owned.  A different point of view was raised that the water flows across other owners and they could choose a different option.   Chairman Tracy Wilburn declared nothing needed to be decided on this issue today and could be discussed at a later meeting.  It was mentioned that this spring water originates in Kentucky.  A motion by Tommy Pollard and seconded by Joyce Woodard to adjourn was approved.