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Law Enforcement Committee Minutes – May 12, 2021

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Giles County Law Enforcement Committee Meeting Minutes
12 May 2021

Chairman Rodney Journey opened the meeting which was held at the Giles
County jail. Commissioner Harold Brooks led in a prayer and pledge.
Attendees were: Members – Rodney Journey, Brad Butler, Rose Brown,
Mike Cesarini, David Wamble, Joyce Woodard sitting in for absentee Bill
Cary, Harold Brooks sitting in part time for Terry Harwell. Other attendees:
Melissa Greene, County Executive, Commissioners – Stoney Jackson, Judy
Pruitt, Larry Worsham, Joseph Sutton, Gayle Jones, David Adams, Duane
Jones, and Roger Reedy; County – Financial Management Beth MooreSumners and Nancy Griffin; Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Kyle Helton, Jail
Administrator Teresa Mattox, Chief Deputy Brandon Beard, Capt. Joseph
Purvis, and Lt. Matt Sandrell; Invited presenters from Tennessee Corrections
Institute (TCI) – Executive Director William Wall and Deputy Director Bob
Motion to approve previous minutes was by Rose Brown, seconded by Joyce
Woodard. Motion carried.
TCI personnel gave an overview and summary of the Statistic Trend
Analytical Research report with a caveat that most of the data was prior to the
COVID pandemic. The report was prepared with both Giles County
Commissioners and the Sheriff’s Office input. For example population was
126 down to 18 after release due to COVID. Some noted discussion: Gov
Lee has included incentives for 2 tiers with increase of $3 or $6 to funding
for housed state inmates if accreditation rules are met. To assist in reducing
recidivism workforce development programs, e.g. through TCATs, will be
pursued. Bass noted that one county had a company investing $1M to pursue
training through TCAT. Concerns noted: lack of staff, construction costs
significantly higher than before COVID, and special housing requiring
separation from other groups such as mental health, medical, assault,
protective custody, and or suicide. Also noted the facility is in good shape.
Bass said in moving forward should have a master plan that includes a needs
assessment by CTAS. Several questions on new laws, e.g. Legal marijuana.Sheriff Kyle and County Executive Melissa Greene have been in
conversation about the workload of the Animal Shelter. Given approval,
Director Morgan Sutton will attend the Tn Law Enforcement Training
Academy and as of 1 Jul 2021 will be supervised by Sheriff Helton. The
management of the Animal Shelter will be under the purview of the County
Executive Office. Deputy Stetson Thomas and Director Sutton will then be
able to alternate weekend calls. Commissioner Jones asked if she would be
legally allowed to carry a gun on county property and Sheriff Kyle said yes
after graduating the academy. Also noted her salary will then be a Deputy
salary which is only a marginal increase to her current salary. Terry Harwell
moved that the change be provided to full commission for approval and Rose
Brown seconded. Vote was to approve.
Sheriff Helton has been in discussion with the Ardmore police department
which is down from 8-10 officers to 2 officers. Ardmore has requested
assistance using overtime payment. A Letter of Agreement is being evaluated
to cover areas such as for how long. David Wamble moved and Terry
Harwell seconded on providing the LOA to the full commission. Motion
approved. Kyle asked for prayers for his staff, especially in working a
current homicide.
Capt Purvis gave a demonstration of a new computerized system showing
live info on current crimes in Giles County. This system enables the staff to
adjust in real time some of the coverage of the county.
Budget discussion – Sheriff mentioned shortage of staff such as correction
officers and the disparity in wages compared to some of the surrounding
counties. Question on overtime was answered by explanation that this
workforce can only be counted for overtime after completing 43 hours; 44th
hour would be overtime. Terry Harwell asked “what amount is needed to get
there”. Beth Sumners and County Executive Greene have had discussions
with some of the deputies and their answers are they do want more funding,
but always better health care coverage for their families (something not
available through county). Other issues for police – don’t want to do
something that gets them “on front page”, other professions alluring. David
Wamble moved that the provided budget be sent to the budget committee, and Terry Harwell seconded. Motion approved. Question on where funding
would come from. Beth mentioned the one cent was currently up (which
helps determines county income) and also funding currently in the capital
fund line item could be used. County Executive had attended a meeting
earlier in the day with other mayors and they mentioned various raises for all
employees up to 5%. Joseph Sutton asked about cars and the answer – 4 new
cars. David Wamble asked if could pull from other locations much like the
ambulance service can. Sheriff Helton said he had but only in emergencies,
e.g. they don’t always know the county. Mike Cesarini asked about the
Maintenance of Effort requirement. Answer: the MOE is on number of staff,
not funding.
Motion from David Wamble and seconded by Rose Brown to send the drug
court budget to the budget committee. Motion approved.
Sheriff Helton mentioned a previous 5 year grant and a newer grant to fund a
night shift deputy investigator. Rose Brown and David Wamble made a
motion to send the grant forward to full commission for approval. Vote
Joyce Woodward and Terry Harwell moved for adjournment. Motion