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Legislative Committee Minutes – March 30, 2021

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Legislative Committee Minutes

Giles County Commission

Mar. 30, 2021 | 9:00AM | Meeting called to order by Stoney Jackson

In Attendance

Members present:  Stoney Jackson, Duane Jones, Judy Pruett, Mike Cesarini, Tommy Pollard, Joyce Woodard, and Larry Worsham.  Others present:  Harold Brooks, David Adams, Gayle Jones, Tracy Wilburn, Joseph Sutton, Roger Reedy, Brad Butler, Rodney Journey – virtual, Erin Curry – virtual, David Wamble – virtual, Rose Brown – virtual,  and County Executive, Melissa Greene.

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer & Pledge led by Tommy Pollard

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve last meetings minutes motion by Pollard, seconded by Woodard-Morgan.

Motion Passes.

County Commission Salaries

Jackson gives Pollard the floor.

Pollard says the county can not continue to hire employees. He feels like it spends too much tax-payer money and can not continue to be done without a tax increase or wheel tax. Until the end of budget time he would like to pull his motion on this matter.

  1. Jones asks for the number of county employees.

Moore-Sumners says close to 200 without including the schools and highway department.

Liquor By The Drink

Jackson says this is just for discussion in regards to putting it on the ballot.

Butler says right now Pulsaki & Ardmore are the only cities that allow liquor by the drink. He feels like there are several restaurants in the county that could benefit from being able to sell more than just beer. This would in turn make more money for the county. He feels like it will make Exit 14 look more appealing to a large restaurant that may want to locate there.

Jackson sees no problem with it and said the people could decide with their vote.

Butler cinforms that the ABC does support it.

Greene says that there will be some codes that will have to be implemented. If anyone has specific questions they should let her know and she can direct them to Attorney Henson.

Reedy asks what the appropriate steps are to put this on the ballot for 2022.

Discussion on referendum promotion for the next ballot

Motion by Pollard to put the referendum back on the 2022 ballot. Seconded by Woodard-Morgan. Motion Passes.




Old Business/ New Business

No Old Business.


New Business:


Pollard states he has information on Lawrence County’s Resolution for a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. He states it would be up to the people but he encourages everyone to look at this.


Greene states that the word “sanctuary ” has legal ramifications. This would mean that even if a state or federal law is passed Giles county would not follow the law. She wants everyone to be aware of that.


Pollard states that if sanctuary means turning down state and federal laws, he is unsure. However he wants to uphold the constitution’s 2nd amendment concerning guns.



Butler states he would like to see a letter written to the governor reiterating that Giles COunty strongly supports the 2nd amendment and does not want to see any infringements upon it.


Pollard states that he would suggest everyone get certified for their carry permit, because it is recognized in most all states.




Lawrence, Lewis, Maury, & Wayne Counties have already passed the 2nd amendment sanctuary resolution.


Pollard makes a motion that this is on the agenda for the next full commission. Seconded by Jackson.

Roll Call Vote:

Jackson- yes                D. Jones- yes               Pruett- yes       Cesarini- no                Pollard- Yes

Woodard-Morgan- yes           Worsham- yes

Motion Passes


Tonya Holley is given the floor.

She would like to voice her opinion on a few items.

She believes that the consensus of the county has recently changed with the political climate. She suggests more town hall meetings.

Her first concern is the recent vote to hire a building inspector.

Her concern is that if a building inspector is hired the burden of expense on the taxpayer will be greater.

Her next concern is zoning.

Jackson corrects Holley to state the county is working on a land use management plan, not zoning. It is something that has been in the community for some time but never enforced.


Discussion on the difference in land use management and zoning.

Reedy clarifies that the primary focus of this is commercial and industrial. The building codes have nothing to do with the land use management plan. Building codes are regulated by the state, and inspected by the state. He explains that by having a county building inspector you would achieve the same thing, but done locally than by the state.




Greene clarifies that this is nothing new, and only an effort to clean up and simplify the current plan that was put into place in 2003.


Holley states that this is why the community needs to be more involved because there is a lot of miscommunication circulating.




Jackson clarifies that many of these things have only been “discussed.” Discussion is a first step towards making changes. until the full commission sees the suggested changes, nothing will be adopted for the county.




Holley reiterates she is not for a building inspector, and doesn’t feel like it’s a good expense at this moment.


Butler states he does support hiring a building inspector. With someone here in the county they can keep an eye on things and make sure the contractors are doing things correctly. It allows the county to have control over the building going on.




Wilburn states the best way to see if the people want is to put it on the ballot and let the people vote on it.




Pruett states that all county meetings are open, and the community can attend and ask questions anytime that they wish.




Motion to adjourn by D. Jones. Seconded by Butler. Motion Passes