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Property Committee Minutes, March 2, 2021

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Property Committee Minutes

Giles County Commission

Mar. 2, 2021 | 8:45 AM | Meeting called to order by Roger Reedy

In Attendance

Executive Melissa Greene, Roger Reedy, Tracy Wilburn, Terry Harwell, David Adams, Gayle Jones, Joyce Woodard, Larry Worsham, Duane Jones, Stoney Jackson, Erin Curry, Tim Risner, Rose Brown, Joseph Sutton, David Wamble, Tommy Pollard, Judy Pruett

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer and Pledge led by Tommy Pollard.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the previous meeting’s minutes by Wilburn and seconded by Harwell.

Motion Passed

Property Tax Exemption

Tammy Pierchoski gives an update on Antoinette Hall.

Last year a grant from the Governor paid off their building.

They have installed anew HVAC unit to be energy efficient.

Looked into property taxes for arts in community and historic building

Requests for resolution exempting from property tax.

They currently pay approx $4,000 for STAAR and the Law Office as well.

Jackson asks if they will be requesting this from the city as well and if they are applying as performing arts or a historical building.

Peierchoski states as a historic building.

Greene states this would not only affect STAAR, but other buildings could benefit as well if the county opts-in. This option would also need to be reviewed by the county attorney as well

Reedy makes a motion to review again after the county attorney has reviewed the proposed resolution. Seconded by Harwell. Motion Passes

  1. Jones asks if this would automatically allow other historic buildings to be exempt or if each would have to be done individually.

Henson states she would need to review the document fully.


Spring Property

At the full commission meeting, it was requested that the issue go back to the property committee

Henson has spoken with TWRA about the ability to enter the property to retrieve dogs, horses, etc.

Someone entering without permission could be charged criminal trespass or hunting

TWRA suggested it doesn’t have to be in resolution but someone could be appointed to call a number for permission to enter the property.

Henson sees that it opens the door to a huge liability for the county.

She feels the chances of an animal going on the property and not coming back are slim to none.

She would like to appoint someone to take the phone call and assess permission on a case-by-case basis.

Adams asks what happens in the instance no one is able to be contacted?


Pollard asks if this group could sign an oath stating they would not hold the county liable, and would that hold up in court?

Henson states she does not believe so.


  1. Jones makes a motion to leave as is Gayle Jones. Seconded by Reedy.

Adams asks for clarification that this means they will not be able to access the property

Reedy agrees.

Roll Call vote

G Jones- yes                Harwell- no

Reedy- yes                   Adams- no

Worsham- no              Wilburn- no

Woodard- no

Harwell makes a motion to allow the hunting group to lease the back 100 acres of the property separate from the spring.

Woodard asks if the spring portion of the property could be fenced off.

Worsham asks if leasing would relieve the county from the liability

Henson- she does not think so.

Wilburn makes a motion to look into selling the portion of the property that would not affect the spring. Seconded by Harwell.


Roll Call Vote

Worsham- yes             Woodard- no              G. Jones- no

Adams- no                  Harwell- yes               Wilburn- yes

Reedy- no


Adams makes a motion to give the fox hunting group the right to cross the property. Seconded by Harwell.


Worsham-no              Woodard- no              G.Jones- no                                                                             Adams- yes                 Harwell- yes               Wilburn- yes

Reedy- yes

Reedy reiterates if it fails in county court this time it will not come back to this committee and is over for Discussion.

Wilburn makes a motion to resend the previous motion. Seconded by Reedy. Motion passes.

No one may enter the property without permission. Permission must be obtained by the county executive.



Wamble states he would like to see the electrical assesses in the courthouse for fire protection.

Curry states approximately a year ago this committee discussed getting fire protection for the courthouse. She would like to see this go along with the electrical assessment.

Jackson states that to install the HVAC on the roof he believes the electrical was inspected.


Wilburn makes a motion to have the state electrical inspector inspect the courthouse. Seconded by G. Jones.

Motion Passes.

Reedy makes a motion to have someone inspect for fire safety.

Woodard makes a motion to obtain an RFP for an electrical and fire inspection. Seconded by G. Jones.

Motion Passes.

Old/New Business

Old Business

No old business


New Business:

Greene states there were lots of leaks during the snow. She anticipates the entire roof will need to be repaired to address the situation.

She is currently working on the elevators and replacing the sensors.

She has gotten a second quote for the panic bars in case of fire in the annex

The courthouse is going to have to open a second door for exit purposes for fire safety.

Wilburn makes a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Harwell.

Motion Passes.