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Highway Committee Meeting Minutes – May 4, 2023

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Giles County Highway Committee Meeting Minutes May 4, 2023




Members Present: Tim Risner, Tracy Wilburn, Shelly Goolsby, Roger Reedy, Joyce Morgan, Gayle Jones, Joseph Sutton

Other Members Present: Judy Pruett, David Womble, Terry Jones, James Lathrop, Rose Brown, Erin Curry, David Adams

Also Present: Barry Hyatt, Steve Kelley, Erin Harmon, Beth Moore-Sumners, Nancy Griffin, Scott Stewart, Mr. Cline and Mrs. Jacobs


Meeting is called to order by Chairman Tim Risner at 9 am on May 4, 2023

Prayer led by Roger Reedy

Pledge of Allegiance by all


First Order of Business: Speed Limit Petition for Dry Weakley Creek Rd. Chairman Risner asked Barry to speak on the matter. Road Superintendent Barry Hyatt stated that the road had been petitioned for 30 mph by Mr. Tim Wroda. He collected all the necessary signatures for the petition. The Highway Department was in support of the petition. Tracy Wilburn made a motion to approve the speed limit. Joseph Sutton seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion was approved.

Second Order of Business: Speed Limit Petition for Hagan Rd. Mr. Steve Morgan petitioned for the speed limit to be set at 35mph. He collected all the necessary signatures and the Highway Department is in support of the petition. Joyce Woodard made a motion to approve. Tracy Wilburn seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion was approved.

Third Order of Business: Thompson Lane. Chairman Risner addressed the committee with a problem that had arose with a property owner and the road Thompson Lane. He turned to Mr. Hyatt for more explanation. Mr. Hyatt stated that back in October of 2003 Thompson Ln. was written in on the print out of the County Road List. In January of 2004 the road list was voted on and accepted by the Giles County Commission. There was never a resolution accepting this road. Recently the Highway department was asked to place a stop sign and road sign on the road by the home owners Mr. and Mrs. Cline on Thompson Ln. As they were having trouble providing directions and having issues with vehicles driving back and constantly having to turn them around. The sign was placed which drew attention the the property owners. The Braley family who has owned the land for years called to see why a drive had been made a county road without the permission from the landowner. Mr. Hyatt then started researching the matter and found that the road was in fact just written in but since that had happened and the county voted on it, it did indeed make it a county road. The Braley family and Cline family checked their deeds and saw that the Cline’s only have an easement through the Braley property for their drive. The Braley family is requesting that the road be removed from the County Road list as they do not wish for it to be a public road. Both families were in agreement on the subject. Shelly Goolsby made a motion to remove the road from the road list. Tracy Wilburn seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion was passed.

Fifth Order of Business: Amendment to budget. The Highway Department created an amendment to the budget. No new money is being added to the budget. The Highway Department is moving money between line items to appropriate the funds. Mostly the money is being moved into the paving line. Tracy Wilburn made a motion to approve. Shelly Goolsby seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion was approved.

Sixth Order of Business: 23-24 Budget. Mr. Hyatt starts by saying that the Highway Department is not asking for any new money in the upcoming 23-24 Budget. The Highway Department is still maintaining right at a $1 million dollar fund balance. Mr. Hyatt looks to Beth Moore-Sumners the Financial Management Director for more explanation on the budget. Beth explains to the committee that she projected the penny will be up so she went ahead and estimated that based on the tax rate and based upon what she thinks it will be. The fuel tax has been a significant contributor to our revenues she states based upon the past fiscal years of collection. It has been great for the Highway Department. Mrs. Moore-Sumners feels good about revenues she says. They have increased but she doesn’t think they are over inflated. She feels that it is a good budget. Roger Reedy makes a motion to send it on to the budget committee. Joseph Sutton seconded the motion. All are in favor and the motion is passed.

Seventh Order of Business: Planning Commission guidelines. The Planning Commission has worked to update some of their guidelines and wished to bring them in front of the Highway Committee for their support. Some of the updates includes the requirement of signatures from all involved parties such as the Giles County Highway Department, Giles County Health Department, E-911, Electric System, Water District, Office of Emergency Management and the Giles County Regional Planning Commission. Other updates pertain to completing improvements based on the recommendations of the Hwy Supt., Giles EMA, and in accordance with the Planning Commission and in accordance with the Americans with the Disability Act. Lastly the developers may request the amount of the surety bond or LOC to be reduced and upon this request it will be considered by the Giles County Road Superintendent and Highway Committee. A letter of support or nonsupport will be sent to the planning commission from the Highway Department.

Old/New Business: Mrs. Joyce Woodard received a letter from a gentleman with concerns about some bridges and road in the Bethel area in Giles County. One being that the ends were broken and damaged. He wanted to request that the bridge be replaced all together. Mr. Hyatt stated that the County Highway Department receives no funds for a lot of the bridges that are in the County. This one in particular is not a bridge inspected by the state therefore no monies are available for repairs outside of the Highway Departments budget.

Mr. Hyatt announces that the Highway Department will be receiving 3.2 million dollars in grant funds for state aid roads. It’s a onetime grant. He explains how this is really going to help this upcoming budget in order to get some of these hot mix roads paved. Mr. Hyatt tells the committee how at this point in time it is approximately $155,000.00 per mile to hot mix a road and approximately $50,000.00 per mile for double surface treatment. The Highway Department is excited to receive these funds.

Tracy Wilburn makes a motion for the meeting to adjourn. Roger Reedy seconded the motion. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned.