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Emergency Services Committee Meeting Minutes – May 8, 2023 (Approved)

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Emergency Services Committee Minutes

Monday, May 8, 2023, at 9:00 AM
Courthouse Annex Boardroom

David Wamble, the Chairman, called the meeting to order. He asked Roger Reedy if he
would lead us with the Prayer and Pledge.
The chairman entertained a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting.
Tim Risner made the motion and Shelly Goolsby second the motion. Vote was taken.
Motion passed 7-0.
The chairman asked Bill Myers to introduce the new EMS Chief. Willow Chevez’ has
been hired as the new EMS Chief filling the opening which was made when Roy Griggs
retired. Mr Myers went on to describe the process that was followed for the filling of this
position. They held meetings with employees and other stakeholders to begin the
process. Next they accepted 11 applications. They then used a scoring matrix to drop it
down to the best 4 candidates. Then they held interviews with those 4 candidates. From
there they decided on Ms Chevez’. Ms. Chevez’ thanked everyone for this opportunity.
First item up for discussion was the Fire & Rescue 2023-2024 Budget. This budget was
submitted to the budget committee along with the other non-profit budgets. Mr Myers
took this time to explain some of the changes in the budget from the previous year’s
Building M & R had an increase of $11,000 for door replacement and other needed
Admin had an increase due to the fact they had under budgeted the previous year.
Fuel had an increase due to the cost of fuel.
Utilities had an increase due to the cost of utilities.
Recruitment increased due to a suggestion made during a training that the budget
needed this line item.
At the end this year’s budget is $20,000 less than the previous budget.
No action was needed on this item.
Gail Jones asked about the tower and Mr Myers explained that the money is earmarked
for that project. Joe Sutton questioned the $25,000 and that was explained as switching
out some equipment.
Second item up for discussion was the Ambulance 2023-2024 Budget.
Mr Myers pointed out the increases in the budget.
Increases were in the following line items:
334 – added $5,000 – purchased some new equipment which also requires some
maintenance agreements.
335 – added roughly $10,000 – this is building maintenance and repair.
356 – added $2,000 – tuition reimbursement – currently only one person is eligible this
450 – added $500 – in tires and tubes, they are currently investigating the idea of
purchasing a different tire which might cost more but may last longer.
Total reduction for this 2023-2024 budget is $36,000.
Dr Lathrop asked about the increase in insurance. It was explained by Beth Sumners
that the increase is due to the changing of the coverage by the county. This is just an
estimate made by using the questionnaire the employees completed stating which
coverage would they be selecting in the coming year. They are currently budgeting for
36 employees.
Gayle Jones asked how many positions the county is short. The answer right now is 5
or 6. Mr Myers went to CSCC for their recruitment seminar and held mock interviews.
From that session he had 3 apply here.
David Wamble asked how the sewer problem, Bill Myers responded it was good at this
Joyce Woodard-Morgan asked why the janitorial line item was set to zero this year. The
answer was that the employees will be handling the cleaning.
David Adams asked about the overtime pay. Beth Sumners explained how the overtime
works. At that time Matthew Hopkins questioned the concept, so Nancy explained it in
further detail.
718 – down to zero – Bill explained that at this time the wait time for an ambulance is 2
years and he would like to address this later in the agenda.
336-338 Matthew Hopkins asked what the difference is. 336 – are the vehicle
maintenance and repair while 338 – are the equipment maintenance and repair.
Dr Fite asked what the difference in the insurance coverage was. Nancy answered that
the county was paying more.
Tim Risner made the motion to send the budget to the budget committee and Joe
Sutton second the motion. Motion passed 7-0.
Third agenda item – EMA Budget
Mr Myers addressed the increases.
442 – added to the budget this year – propane
499 – increased by $5000 – emergency response items such as water give away and
shelters during an emergency situation.
189 – Adding an Emergency Operations Specialist. This person would be trained to
operate drones (which require a license by the FAA), work with the Hazmat team, and
portable shelters. We currently do not have a drone operator. Gayle Jones asked for the
requirements to be an operator. The answer – take a class and take the test. Matthew
asked how often they were used. Answer – not sure. Tracy Wilburn inquired why a
current employee couldn’t do it. The other employees are too busy with their current
positions. Dr Lathrop asked if all departments would be able to use them. Answer – yes.
Bill Myers then went through all the job responsibilities.
David Wamble made a motion to send it to the Budget committee, Joe Sutton seconded
the motion. The motion passed 6-1 with Gayle Jones voting no.
Next agenda item – Future ambulance needs – Bill Myers explained that all of the
ambulances have over 100,000 miles on them currently. All are gas powered. Problems
are occurring. He stated that to order a new ambulance we must have the money in the
budget to cover the cost of the ambulance even though they are two years out from
being received. A new one costs roughly $210,000 dressed out like we have with the
exception of the items which will be transferred from the old ambulance to the new one.
A remount costs roughly $145,000-150,000. This does not include the stretcher system.
Currently we have 8 ambulances in the fleet with 3 being out for repairs at this time.
Matthew asked how we would go about setting up an account to cover the cost of the
new ambulances. Beth explained looking at the projection right now the ambulance
budget could be over $100,000 roughly that could be placed in the account to help
cover the new ambulance.
Tim Risner made a motion to refer to the Budget Committee that EMA/EMS excess on
June 30th be earmarked for future ambulances and Matthew Hopkins second the
motion. Vote was taken, motion carried 7-1. This item to be voted on at the June
Next agenda item – Ambulance rates – Bill stated they were working with a billing
company and compared to 4 other service providers (similar in size to ours) our rates
are significantly less. He proposes a rate increase. He said we should see an increase
of roughly $100,000 in funds if the rates are increased. Bill stated the insurance should
be the ones shouldering the increase. David Wamble made the motion to send this to
full commission for the June meeting, Matthew Hopkins second. Motion passed.
Old Business – Terry Jones inquired if we use a collection agency the answer was yes.
Dr Lathrop made a motion to adjourn, second by Matthew Hopkins. Motion carried.
Committee members in attendance:
District 1 – Dr Lathrop (Vice-Chairman)
District 2 – David Wamble (Chairman)
District 3 – Annelle Guthrie absent, Tim Risner sitting in
District 4 – Caleb Savage absent, Matthew Hopkins sitting in
District 5 – Brad Butler absent, Gayle Jones sitting in
District 6 – Joseph Sutton
District 7 – Shelly Goolsby (Secretary)
Other commissioners in attendance: Erin Curry, Joyce Woodard-Morgan, Terry Jones,
Tracy Wilburn, David Adams, Roger Reedy, Judy Pruitt.
Graham Stowe, Bill Myers, Willow Chevez’