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MAY 3, 2022


Chairman Scott Stewart opened the meeting asking Commissioner Tommy Pollard to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  Chairman Stewart then mentioned the next Planning Commission meeting would be 7 June 2022, with no meeting planned for July.   Discussion on the minutes of 5 April 2022 opened with two corrections.  Kristen Pfeiffer stated that the name of a member of the committee, Bill Myers, was omitted and that he was absent for that meeting. Commissioner Erin Curry stated that the TDAC website does not include a listing specifically addressing a grading permit.  After those corrections were to be implemented, Erin moved for approval with Tommy seconding.


There being no agenda items, the Chairman moved to old business and asked County Attorney Lucy Henson to address property on Braly Lane.  Lucy stated she had sent a letter the previous week to the owners, the Patels, stating that the county has a Planning Commission, providing a copy of the sub-division rules, and encouraging a call if had questions.  To date no call has been received.  Lucy further clarified the question on whether the property is county or city by stating it is county.  Other areas of discussion on this property:  totally cleared of any vegetation including trees, area has a drain and flood problem, sewer not available.  Commissioner Roger Reedy noted there is still not a clear connection to the public on what approvals are required when building, especially where potential county roads might be required.  Malcolm Moore asked about timber harvesting since the trees were removed, but it was stated not covered under the current rules.  Lucy mentioned this site is approximately 40 acres.


Re the Hidden Holler Road turnaround, Lucy said she had talked to Steve Kelly of the Highway Department and the contractor is 30 – 45 days out until they can start the turnaround.


Kristen Pfeiffer mentioned the previous discussion on reviewing the regulation/rules. Lucy stated she is not ready just yet, although she has some notes, e.g. misstated statute and number of required copies.  Roger also mentioned “and who keeps and who gets the information”.  Chairman Stewart then said “since there is only one more meeting, in June, he will put on the agenda for that month.”


Discussion on Jubilee Drive was initiated by Commissioner Mike Cesarini.  Currently there are several roads all over that area with still more being built.  Many of those roads come out onto State highway 245.  He also said that many of the buyers are from out of state.  Discussions centered on who would be responsible for several issues, i.e. county accepting sub-division roads, getting an address, approval of sewage disposal types, potentially misinformed buyers, and who enforces.  County Executive Melissa Greene said there should not be a recorded deed without the plat for building signed by the Planning Commission.  Melissa gave an example of one parcel with a private road not covered by this commission.  Commissioner David Adams discussed one parcel versus owning several homes on one parcel.  After more discussion about how addresses are obtained, Nashville developers providing roads but not through the Highway department, the standards covering roads only, Chairman Stewart said would put this on the agenda for next month.


Commissioner Stoney Jackson moved for adjournment and with Tommy Pollard seconding, motion approved.


Attendees:  Members of the Planning Commission – Chairman Scott Stewart, Erin Curry, Kristen Pfeiffer, David Adams, Stoney Jackson, Malcolm Moore, Tommy Pollard, John Haislip, Roger Reedy  (absent Bill Myers, Tamieka Russell); Other Commissioners – Mike Cesarini, Joyce Woodard, Harold Brooks, Joseph Sutton; Other – County Executive Melissa Greene, County Attorney Lucy Henson