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Amended 3 May 2022

5 APRIL 2022


Chairman Scott Stewart called the meeting to order by asking Commissioner Tommy Pollard to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  Scott then asked if there were any announcements to be made.  Tommy then thanked all who attended and supported the recent Veteran’s Alliance pancake breakfast.  County Executive Melissa Greene, in keeping her promise to update the commissioners on issues affecting the county, mentioned she had received a telephone call from a Giles County citizen wanting to build a landing strip within the county.  In keeping with the recent legislative vote to no longer have any form of a land use management plan, unofficially called zoning, she said that was allowed anywhere in the county, if the FAA has approved.  With no other announcements Chairman Stewart asked for a motion on the minutes of 2 March 2022.  Commission Erin Curry moved for approval, with Tommy seconding and the minutes were approved.


First Agenda Item – Barry Hyatt, Giles County Highway Superintendent, provided his signed letter regarding a subdivision being developed by Brian Marks, a development on Timber Ridge Lane and Timber Ridge Drive.  The letter stated that Mr. Marks has built 17 of the 19 lots, and had followed all guidelines.  The letter further recommended the roads be sent to the Planning Commission with their full support.  Commissioner Stoney Jackson moved for approval, with Commissioner Erin Curry providing the second.  Commissioner David Adams asked about the length of the roads and was told somewhere around 1100 ft.  Stoney asked about responsibility of posting signs, e.g. stop signs, and Barry answered with “the developer”.  Motion approved.


Second Agenda Item – Barry then gave the status of the Scenic Cove subdivision being developed by Billy Brown.  At this time 8 homes have been built of a possible 15.  Re the roads, still being worked.

Third Agenda Item – Developer Neal Bass has 20 lots, with one house finished and one started on Fiddler’s Court.  Per Barry, he will continue to work with Mr. Bass.


Fourth Agenda Item – Re the partial closing of Hidden Holler Road, approved at the recent full legislative meeting, and including a turn-around section, Barry noted that the contractor is behind in other work and has not yet started on the turn-around.  Barry has asked for a completion date, and plans to be there for the start of the effort.  Tommy cautioned that they should do the building before the county fully approves, with which Barry said “no problem”.


Fifth Agenda Item – Potential effort on Braly Lane.  Per County Attorney Lucy Henson and also from some of the commissioners there is lack of sufficient information on whether that particular piece of property lies within the Pulaski city limits or is wholly under county jurisdiction.  Lucy mentioned she had talked to city attorney Andy Hoover and he was unaware of any development on that land.  Erin mentioned she had checked with the TDEC website and no grading permits show on that site.  Chairman Stewart asked the County Attorney to forward a courtesy letter to the owner stating the county has a planning commission with rules that must be followed for sub-division development.


Discussion then referred back to the Timber Ridge development, with a reduced bond and should that bond no longer be required if the Highway’s recommendation on completion is referred to the full commission.  Question by County Attorney on who should prepare the appropriate resolution and per County Executive, the County Attorney should.  A motion by Erin Curry and seconded by Tommy Pollard was made to not release the remaining 10% until the full commission votes and Barry sends a letter showing all has been completed.  Motion approved.  Stoney asked when was the last time Barry had checked on the roads and Barry responded with “yesterday.”


Chairman Stewart asked for any old business and later any new business, and with there being none for either.  He asked for a motion on adjournment with Tommy making the motion to adjourn, David Adams seconding and motion approved.


Attendees:  Members of the Planning Commission – Chairman Scott Stewart, Erin Curry, Kristen Pfeiffer, David Adams, Stoney Jackson, Malcolm Moore, Tommy Pollard, John Haislip (absent Roger Reedy, Bill Myers, Tamieka Russell); Other Commissioners – Mike Cesarini, Joyce Woodard; Other – County Executive Melissa Greene, County Attorney Lucy Henson, Road Superintendent Barry Hyatt, and public