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Financial Management Minutes – April 22, 2021

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22 APRIL 2021

Committee Members in attendance: Melissa Green Chairperson, Erin Curry,
Barry Hyatt, Duane Jones, Mike Cesarini, Roger Reedy and absent Vicki
Beard Other Commissioners: Rose Brown, Tommy Pollard, Tracy Wilburn,
Harold Brooks, Larry Worsham, Joyce Woodward, Judy Pruett, David
Adams, David Wamble, Gayle Jones, Bill Cary, Stoney Jackson. Other:
Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin, Financial Management, Roy Griggs
and Chastity Hobbs, Ambulance, Steve Kelley – Transportation, Connie
Howell, Bill Young, Scott Stewart – Pulaski Citizen
Chairperson Melissa Green opened the meeting, with Tommy Pollard,
offering a prayer and leading the pledge.
Approval of previous Meeting Minutes were motioned by Erin Curry,
seconded by Roger Reedy, and were approved.
Agenda Item – Purchasing Cooperative – This requires a full court approval
and covers mostly school items but could also cover other departments.
Roger moved that this be addressed in next full court, Duane seconded, and
motion was approved.
Agenda Item – Disposal Assets – These are school assets; have been
approved by school board; example – school bus. Motion by Erin Curry,
seconded by Barry Hyatt and motion was approved.
Motion by Erin Curry to adjourn, seconded by Barry Hyatt, and approved