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Environmental Committee Minutes, April 20, 2021 (APPROVED)

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Committee Members in attendance:  Erin Curry, Chairperson, Mike Cesarini, Vice Chairman, Rose Brown, Terry Harwell, Tommy Pollard, Roger Reedy, Tracy Wilburn.  Other Commissioners:  Harold Brooks, Larry Worsham, Joyce Woodward, Judy Pruett, David Adams, David Wamble, Brad Butler, Gayle Jones, Dwayne Jones, Bill Cary, Stoney Jackson.  Other:  Mayor Pat Ford, Julie Butler Phillips, Giles County’s Solid Waste Coordinator,

Beth Moore- Sumners and Nancy Griffin, Financial Management, and Melisa Kelton, County Technical Assistance Service, and the undersigned.


Chairman Erin Curry opened the meeting, with Roger Reedy, offering a prayer and leading the pledge.


Agenda Item – Budget 2021-2022 for Solid Waste/Convenience Centers/Recycling – Discussion as follows:


Question on part-time driver – does sub for fulltime drivers, does maintenance, and picks up litter when others not available – all covered under grant.  Question of use of land fills and need for incenerator – Julie stated tipping costs will possible increase 3X in next few years and state reluctant to approve new land fills.  She stated need to further encourage recycling.  She was questioned on where the county stood in meeting the 25% state directed reduction to the landfills.  She stated we are currently meeting that reduction, while still being included as part of several other counties.  Tracy Wilburn moved budget be approved; Tommy Pollard seconded.  By vote unanimously approved.


Agenda Item – Changes to Recycling- New approach, separate out cardboard and use all compactors now for recycling.  Garbage will use open containers.  Question on rain making garbage heavier and more costly to dispose; Those containers are emptied every day, 3- 6 of them.  Question on possible recyling material being disposed in landfill.  Staffing problems during COVID did result in some additional recycling material being dumped.  Julie was requested to keep up for six months the cardboard load to determine if baler worthwhile.  She encouraged all and will herself get the word out on the cardboard, especially to the schools.


Agenda Item GAC – Since have disposal of hazardous material all year now, no longer doing an event day.  She is doing incentives to encourage litter pickups.  Erin asked that we spread the word.  Julie will furnish bags, gloves, and pickup devices for adopting and picking up a road side.  Question on tires:  Julie will work with those who have tires dumped on them.


Agenda Item Old Business – Elkton’s use of county trucks for disposal of recycling items.  Roger Reedy made a motion on not charging when helping with recycling and Mike seconded.  Motion approved.


Agenda Item New Business – Julie discussed possible expansion of the Bodenham Center due to the difficulty of making a sharp turn to exit.  Expansion would be 20 feet to left side of fence and 5 – 10 feet at tree line.  Question on lease to Bodenham with answer should not be affected.  Cost would be additional fence and gravel and better determined after Barry Hyatt can do an estimate.


Mike Cesarini raised the issue of water not being available in certain areas, and the possibility of one company/entity having total responsibility.  Discussion covered potential grant funding, debt of existing departments, and depreciation especially under an Enterprise system, e.g. Exit 14, and small numbers of actual users at that location who would have to absorb major depreciation costs.  Mayor Ford said he had not looked at that recently but remembered the difficulties in earlier discussions.   Melissa Green will be meeting with the involved districts and will ask for their debt numbers to assist in any decisions.  Erin asked if public meeting, and answer yes.


Tracy Wilburn mentioned a heater obtained under a grant and asked to be considered for a second one if no one else has registered a similar request.


Roger Reedy moved that the meeting be adjourned and Tommy Pollard seconded.