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Agri-Park Committee Minutes , March 26, 2021

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Ag-Park Committee Minutes

Giles County Commission

Mar. 26, 2021 | 8:00AM | Meeting called to order by George Witt

In Attendance

Executive Melissa Greene, Benny Birdsong, George Witt, Duane Jones, Gayle Jones, Joyce Woodard, Larry Worsham, Mayor Pat Ford, Stoney Jackson, Roger Reedy, Jason Doggett, Tommy Pollard, Judy Pruett, Tracey WIlburn,

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer & Pledge led by Benny Birdsong

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve last meetings minutes motion by Brown, seconded by Pruett.

Motion Passes.

Lawn Mower

Witt states he and Birdsong have looked at a few lawn mowers for the Ag-Park.

The committee was asked to get a bid at a local dealer.

The Kubota Mower is $24,000 at McKay’s.

John Deere in Columbia has a 60in cut for $14,375.

Columbia Kubota- $13,700

Brown Equipment Kubota- $14,950

After comparing, they feel the Kubota mower is the better mower.

This is a 60in deck 24.5 horse power diesel mower.

Jackson makes a motion to purchase the Kubota mower found in Columbia. Seconded by D. Jones.

Motion Passes.

Old Business/ New Business

No Old or New Business.


Motion to adjourn by Jackson, Seconded by Ford.