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Budget Committee Meeting Minutes – May 5, 2023 (Approved)

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5 MAY 2023


Chair Commissioner Erin Curry opened the meeting.  The prayer and pledge had been previously lead by Roger Reedy in the prior (school committee) meeting.  The minutes of the April 10, 2023 budget committee meeting were moved for approval by Commissioner Terry Jones, seconded by Commissioner David Adams, and were approved unanimously.


First Agenda Item: 131 Highway Amendment.  This was an amendment approved the day prior by the highway committee.  Motion to approve this amendment by David Adams was seconded by Terry Jones, and unanimously approved by the budget committee.


Second Agenda Item: 141 / 177 School Amendment.  This amendment had just been discussed in detail in the school committee meeting, and Commissioner Judy Pruett moved that it be approved, which was seconded by Evan Baddour, and was then unanimously approved by the budget committee.


Third Agenda Item:  143 school Food Service Amendment. This amendment had just been discussed in detail in the school committee meeting, and Commissioner Adams moved that it be approved, which was seconded by Judy Pruett, and was then unanimously approved by the budget committee.


Fourth Agenda Item:  101 General Fund Amendment.  This Amendment included mainly “clean up” items already within the budget.  However, in contrast, one (1) part of this amendment does require new money being moved into the Trustee’s budget related to the need for a new computer server—which must be replaced by October 2023 per the Trustee’s Auditor.  Specifically, software security updates require a new server, and the Trustee (Tony Risner) stated that, due to supply chain issues, we need to go ahead and order the server with the hopes it would be quickly acquired and implemented by October 2023.


Commissioner Reedy asked whether the Ag-Park budget item would be handled in the same way, during the budget process, as in past years.  County Executive Stowe said that yes, in this year’s budget cycle the Ag-Park would be handled the same as prior years (i.e. operating as a county department), however, that in future years it likely makes more sense to treat it like the Fire & Rescue nonprofit.

As explained by the Finance Director Beth Moore Sumners, the remaining line items reflecting any changes were simply moving money around “all from within” the allocated budget categories and the changes did not require any new money from fund balance.   Here, examples of items being over the previously projected budgeted amount included the county’s liability insurance, county vehicles, and overtime pay—thus, for bookkeeping purposes, the categories would otherwise reflect being over-budget if these changes were not made.

Commissioner Roger Reedy moved that this 101 General Fund Amendment be approved; the motion was seconded by Terry Jones and it was unanimously approved by budget committee members.


Next Agenda Item:  Handing-out of Non-Profit Applications.  Committee members received fourteen (14) binders for each of the nonprofit groups who submitted their applications for county funding by the stated deadline.   These included Giles County’s Public Library, Kids Place, Fire and Rescue, New Cannan, Child Development Center, Senior Citizens, Decisions Choices and Options Inc., Campbellsville Community Library, the Chamber of Commerce, Ardmore Public Library, Boys & Girls Club, Veterans, Minor Hill library and the Humane Society.

Between now and future budget meetings, the commission’s focus should be on the libraries and fire & rescue non-profits.   The remaining non profits would be discussed after the commission passed the upcoming budget, i.e. after July 1, 2023.

Other Business cont’d – Upcoming Budget Meetings.  The budget committee discussed setting dates for the upcoming budget meetings, which needed to be concluded by June 2, 2023.   The dates of May 25th and 26th (and the following week if needed) were tentatively reserved for the commission’s “all day” budget meeting(s), with the County Executive to check on Courtroom availability for those dates.  The Chair notes that ideally the goals could be accomplished in one day. Tuesday June 27th was discussed for the “public hearing” to be lead by the Finance Director.

Additionally, notional approval was given to the Finance Director to make any last minute changes needed—without first going through committee—leading up to the full court meeting scheduled for June 29, 2023 to be reviewed and approved at that time.


Motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Adams, seconded by Gayle Jones, with unanimous consent.


ATTENDEES:    Members of the Committee:  Chair Commissioner Erin Curry. Also present were Gayle Jones, Evan Baddour, David Adams, Roger Reedy, Terry Jones, and Judy Pruett.


Other Commissioners in attendance:  Tracy Wilburn, Tim Risner, Jim Lathrop, Joyce Woodard, Brad Butler, David Wamble, Rose Brown, Joseph Sutton, Shelly Goolsby, Tammy Mathis, and other members of the public.