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Spec Building Work Session Minutes – October 2, 2023 – (Approved)

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October 02, 2023


County Executive (CE) Graham Stowe opened the meeting and reminded everyone this is our first work session and there will be no voting in this meeting.  The prayer and pledge were lead by Roger Reedy.

There was no public comment.


Phil Reese, the EDC Director, presented a slide show on the need for a Spec Building on Lot 5 in the Dan Speer Industrial Park South – see the slide show provided by County Executive Stowe for further details.  Highlights:

  • Phil submitted a letter of interest before August 25 that showed we met criteria and had public support from the City of Pulaski. There was no time to obtain a resolution from the County, but the IDB and the City expected the County to split the grant match.
  • The match is 30% of $5 million or $750,000. The Commission is being asked to pass a resolution to fund half of the match at $375,000.
  • The application must be finalized by October 13. Lori Fisher is the grant administrator.
  • The spec building must be 100,000 sf and expandable tup to 200,000 sf.
  • Barge Design Solutions was selected through an RFQ process and is working on the preliminary engineering report which will include an initial estimate.
    • Barge will manage and bid the project.
  • Phil’s presentation addressed two questions.
    • Should County Commisssion fund this project?
    • Does the investment make sense?
  • 40% of Giles County workers leave the county, with 10% going to Alabama.
  • Phil is interested in doing a retail leakage study.
  • Phil will check on the status of the Tarpley Sharp Road improvements.
  • Giles is landing behind our neighboring counties in industrial investment.
    • Windsor Mold was our last investment in 2020.
  • When asked for reasons why we’re behind, Phil stated Giles County needs to tell our story better to attract industries.
  • When asked how the $375,000 would be paid, Phil stated we would pay as we receive construction invoices.
  • CE Stowe stated the resolution will be worded that the County’s portion is not to exceed $375,000 and upon the sale of the building, the EDC shall consult the Commission on any further potential investments of the County’s investment principal.

Other items we’ll be discussing on October 16 include:

  • Rule XV
  • Fund Balance Policy
  • Meeting time for full Commission
  • Ambulance Write-offs
  • 1st Amendment Resolution
  • Bridge dedication


Motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Lathrop, seconded by David Adams, with unanimous consent.


ATTENDEES:  Erin Curry, James Lathrop, Joyce Woodard, Terry Jones, David Wamble, Tracy Wilburn, David Adams, Annelle Guthrie, Roger Reedy, Caleb Savage, Gayle Jones, Evan Baddour, Joseph Sutton, Judy Pruett, Shelly Goolsby, Phil Reese, and Shana Woodard.