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School Committee Meeting Minutes – September 29, 2022

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Chair Commissioner Shelly Goolsby opened the meeting by asking for approval of the agenda.  Motion by Commissioner Gayle Jones, seconded by Commissioner Joseph Sutton to approve the agenda was made and was approved.  The Chair then asked that Commissioner Sutton lead with a prayer and that Commissioner Erin Curry lead with the pledge.  Afterwards, the minutes of 13 August 2022 were moved for approval by Commissioner Curry and seconded by Commissioner Sutton.  The minutes were approved.


First agenda item 22-23 Budget Amendment was addressed by Financial Manager Beth Moore-Sumners and she noted the Giles County School Board had previously approved the amendment.  Within this amendment, the following changes were identified.  Fund 141 shows an additional $129K Basic Education Program (BEP) funding being received which will be used to add one new Supervisor to the staff as soon as possible.  Per discussion this person will be an additional hire advertised within, allowing a quicker hire; although Dr. Vicki Beard, School Superintendent noted that it could be advertised for both within and outside after Commissioner Rose Brown asked about job posting.  This position, per Dr. Beard, is required due to several factors:  new math standards, targeted instructional support, as well as a new law in place for students who score less on their Individualized Learning Plan thereby increasing the workload (cannot use special-ed supervisors).  Commissioner Terry Jones asked about teacher input due to their salaries in comparison to this salary (which is set by state).  Dr. Beard said she had not had any complaints regarding this position. The Financial Manager stated the other two amendments were for Fund 177 and Fund 178 and they were being amended to align with the year end.  Commissioner Curry moved for approval of the amendment and with Commissioner Sutton providing the second, motion approved.


Second Agenda item Update of Building Renovations was provided by Dr. Beard, and Knox Vanderpool, Chair of the School Board.  Dr. Beard stated she had been in touch with the general construction manager, Brindley Construction Company, who will assist in the bid preparation/process, e.g., rendering of the renovation and associated projected cost.  This preparation assists in obtaining bids by the new deadline, e.g., doing schools in phases.  Funding of $8.4 M was the original estimate however some of those funds were spent in 21-22.  Knox Vanderpool noted that with the supply chain clearing up a little bit, some of the UV lighting has been done in the outlying schools and they are waiting to hear from some of the nurses to determine if the UV is working to contain contagion.  While three schools do not have the UV lights in place, there is a portable unit that within 10 minutes can clean up a location for COVID.   Chair mentioned the time lag for windows and asked if anything new on that.  While the time given was 10 weeks, the consensus was that given with an improving supply chain this lead time is acceptable compared to that same time before the pandemic.


With no Old Business or New Business, Commission David Adams moved for adjournment, Commissioner Sutton seconded and meeting was adjourned.


ATTENDEES:  Members of the Committee – Chair Commissioner Shelly Goolsby, Commissioners Terry Jones, David Adams, Caleb Savage, Gayle Jones for Mike Rubelsky (absent), Joseph Sutton, and Erin Curry Other Commissioners in attendance:  Evan Baddour, Rose Brown, Brad Butler, Annelle Guthrie, Matt Hopkins, Judy Pruett, Roger Reedy, Tim Risner, David Wamble, Tracy Wilburn, Joyce Woodard  Other Attendees:  County Executive Graham Stowe, Financial Management Director Beth Moore-Sumners, Department Heads Ambulance (Emergency Medical Services) Director Roy Griggs, School Superintendent Dr. Vicki Beard with Knox Vanderpool, Emergency Management Services Interim Director Josh Young, Members of the Public including Ms. Carolyn Thompson, Ms. Ann Story, Bill Myers