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13 JUNE 2022


Chairman Commissioner Stoney Jackson opened the meeting asking Commissioner Tommy Pollard to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  A motion by Commissioner Pollard and seconded by Commissioner Rodney Journey to approve the 20 May 2022 minutes was made and was approved.


First Agenda Item 141 Budget Amendment.  Financial Management Director Beth Moore-Sumners discussed the proposed amendment in the absence of Dr. Vicki Beard, Superintendent of Schools (absent due to attending a conference.)  She noted this proposed amendment had been approved by the school board.  She gave the following information:  summer school grants with no county required matching funds were added; several of the changes, all within the school’s overall budget, were made, e.g. increased fuel costs, using funds from another category; and donations for summer programs added.  At this time, Commissioner David Adams asked about a question which had been asked of him by one of his constituents.  Why are there two buses running on route 166, and with only a few students in one of them?  And more specific one person asking noted that one of the students was from Mt. Pleasant and the Giles bus was meeting that student at the county line.  While Dr. Beard was not available to answer, several of the other commissioners voiced their suspected reasons as to why two buses would be running.  One being, one bus is for students with special needs and regardless of numbers, however small, the county is required to provide transport.  Another comment was made that students can only be on a bus for up to 50 minutes, unless a bus breaks down.  Commissioner Erin Curry moved for approval of the Amendment, and with Commissioner Journey seconding, the motion was approved.


Second Agenda Item 143 Budget Amendment.  The Financial Management Director noted all these changes are within that budget line item and the funds are federally funded.  Motion by Commissioner Pollard, and seconded by Commissioner Joseph Sutton was approved.


Third Agenda Item 177 Budget Amendment.  The Financial Management Director noted this had been approved in April school board meeting and this proposed amendment is to align within the budget the education capital projects.  Commissioner Journey moved for approval, and Commissioner Sutton provided the second.  Motion approved.


At this time Commissioner Adams asked would free breakfasts and free lunches be offered at the schools.  Beth Moore-Sumners gave a resounding yes, based on the school’s hard work even using some of the school’s fund balance to make happen.


With no old or new business to address, Commissioner Journey moved for adjournment, with Commissioner Pollard seconding.  Motion approved.


ATTENDEES:  Members of the Committee – Commissioners Chairman Stoney Jackson, Joseph Sutton, Erin Curry, Rodney Journey, Mike Cesarini, Tommy Pollard for Brad Butler (absent), Terry Harwell for Judy Pruett (absent), Other Commissioners  – Larry Worsham, Gayle Jones, Tim Risner, Roger Reedy, Rose Brown, David Adams, Joyce Woodard, Tracy Wilburn  Harold Brooks, Duane Jones, David Wamble, Bill Cary     Other – County Executive Melissa Greene, Financial Management Beth Sumners-Moore and Nancy Griffin, Assessor of Property Tommy Hyatt, EMS Director Roy Griggs and members of the public