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21 JUNE 2022


Director of Financial Management, Beth Moore-Sumners, opened the meeting asking Commissioner Tommy Pollard to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.


Director Moore-Sumners then explained that this process happens only once a year in accordance with The Financial Management 1981 Act under which Giles County operates.  This is one of three local government statutes.  The other two under which some counties operate are general law and private acts for financial management.  The ‘81 Act is found in Tennessee Code Annotated 5-21-101 through 5-21-130 and includes the management for all county funds including schools.


The Director also noted that anyone wishing to address the budget must make that a written request within a five day notice as was published publicly.  Only one individual made that request, that being Margie Haney, Board Member of the Humane Society.  Ms. Haney addressed the attendees (noted below) to offer thanks for the Commissioners including funding to the Humane Society in the Budget Committee meeting.  She gave an overview of the funding from all sources for the Society, noting they also rely on donations and fund raising.  She also included in her thanks the benefits the Society offers to the county including the local animal shelter, through networking with other counties as well, and to the county at large.


With no other speakers, Director Moore-Sumners called the meeting concluded.


ATTENDEES:  Financial Management Director Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin/  Commissioners Roger Reedy, Larry Worsham, Tracy Wilburn, Tommy Pollard, Joseph Sutton, David Adams, Duane Jones, Gayle Jones, Stoney Jackson, Mike Cesarini, David Wamble, Rose Brown, Judy Pruett, Terry Harwell, Joyce Woodard/  Public Margie Haney, Bill Young, Tony Risner, Bill Myers, Tammy Pierchoski, Sara Reese, Cindy Nesbitt, Jeremy Mitchell, Cochran Pruett, Chief Deputy Joseph Purvis, Deputy Tim Scott and Lois Aymett