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Property Committee Meeting Minutes – July 1, 2022

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1 JULY 2022


Chairman Commissioner Tracy Wilburn opened the meeting asking Commissioner Tommy Pollard to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  Minutes of 11 April 2022 were then moved for approval by Commissioner David Adams, seconded by Commissioner Larry Worsham, and were approved.


First Agenda Item – Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Building.  Information on the existing leaking roof on the OEM building was provided by County Executive Melissa Greene, with OEM Interim Director Josh Young providing specific examples of problems with the roof.  Per County Executive Greene the urgency of the overall problem, including repairing, or replacing the roof, is the inhouse efforts currently being conducted in the facility.  Without repairing, or replacing the leaking roof, those inhouse efforts could well be damaged by the leaking, and the cost of correcting that damage would fall upon the county.  The County Executive gave the following information:  Richland Industries has a potential subcontractor for roofing, that being Central States Commercial Roofing out of Nashville with a $30K bid.  Richland has experience with this contractor, and they will provide a 20-year warranted roof, under ordinary use (specifics provided on what that would and would not include).  Using Richland as the prime contractor assists the urgent timeline by this effort being allowable under the change order process, and it was noted this repair was not covered in the original Richland bid.  In addition, the county will deal directly with the Central States Commercial Roofing company.  Questions were raised by several commissioners about enforcing warranty if needed; pitch of roof; replacing the roof vs tearing off the old roof and providing a new roof.  County Executive commented she had two engineering consultants who said repairing the roof was the best approach (rather than tearing off the roof and then replacing).  She also noted that Central States Commercial Roofing is a company that specializes in working with existing roofs.  County Executive noted that based on the discussions about a totally new roof, she would try to get more estimates for repair or for totally new roof and have available.  If this then passes to the budget committee, there would still be time to decide prior to the next full commission meeting.  An earlier motion by Commissioner Adams and Commissioner Gayle Jones was made to obtain a bid for a totally new roof.  That motion failed 4-3 with Harold Brooks, Larry Worsham, Joyce Woodard, and Roger Reedy voting no.  Another motion amended by Commissioner Roger Reedy and seconded by Commissioner Brooks was approved with Commissioners Adams, Gayle Jones and Wilburn voting no.  That amendment:  Provide to the Budget Committee the amount of $35K for the repairing of the roof with that amount including the bid of $30K from Central States Commercial Roofing and an addition amount for some minor repairs.  The funding will come from the Hotel/Motel tax, an account specifically identified in the county’s general fund.  The County Executive commented that she would get as much information as possible in keeping with her practice of providing the Commissioners with enough information to assist them in their decision making.


Next Agenda Item EMS building.  County Executive noted the Baptist building that had been discussed as a potential location for the EMS was disapproved in the last Commission meeting.  In continuing to look for a suitable location, a possible 40 acres located in the city at Mill Street, bypass, and surrounded by a state road was discussed.  The owners of this property are out of state and currently have this property listed at $995K, although that is considered negotiable.  The property has all infrastructure but the exit driveway would have to be approved by TDOT.  With this much acreage it was noted that the Ambulance service, the 911 service and the animal shelter would be possible future locations, with plenty of room for expansion.  In addition, the property has a gradual slope, providing a natural barrier.  Chairman Wilburn said when purchased by current owners in 1996 the cost was $225K.  A motion by Commissioner Roger Reedy to offer $800K to purchase, seconded by Commissioner Adams was made but was withdrawn after discussion.  Commissioner Wamble noted that at $15K per acre that would be $600K and would be a reasonable offer.  A motion by Commissioner Gayle Jones to offer $700K pursuant on obtaining a TDOT approved permit for exiting, and seconded by Commissioner Roger Reedy was made and approved.


Next Agenda Item Archives Move.  A motion by Commissioner Joyce Woodard and seconded by Commissioner Harold Brooks was made and approved to move the county’s archival function and records to the existing EMS building.  Ms. Barbara Nicolson, Director, spoke to the need for this action mentioning the hardships citizens sometimes have to endure to research areas such as marriages, deeds, wills to name a few.  She commented that some records had been moved, and a question about the Financial Management records was asked.  County Executive Greene said those records had been purged where possible and the space has been cleared for more records if necessary.


Old Business.  County Executive Greene provided an agreement on the county’s spring property drafted by UT-Southern (UTS).  Previous discussions between the county and UT-S has been to use the Campbellsville spring property for a UT-S  classroom.  She stated the agreement is provided for an update and will require the county attorney’s review that probably will require a few amendments.  A question by Commissioner Adams on the mentioned hiking trail was raised, and answered by County Executive with so much growth already, the trail was done to be able to get through the area.  A question on insurance by Commissioner Adams was raised and answered by County Executive that the county has umbrella coverage on all owned county property.  In addition, UT-S will be asking students to sign a disclaimer as well.

OHM – The courthouse study by OHM, an architecture, engineering and planning firm, is wrapping up, and looks promising.  County Executive said there will be a presentation soon, probably mid-August, showing cost on recommendations to be around $5-7M.


State funded American Rescue Plan – These funds are to be used toward water, wastewater and stormwater projects.  Per County Executive Greene a meeting with Ardmore city leaders resulted in shared information on a future 100 – 200 housing development and there may be some sewer challenges that could be addressed with these funds.  A question by Commissioners Adams was raised on have the funds been received and the County Executive said you have to apply for it and currently all utilities requirements must be consolidated into one request.  This request will be done in September.  She did say however that a lot of the funds by State direction must include considerable planning before the actual work can take place.


Exit 14 – The County Executive shared some exciting news with the commissioners.  That being, at 7:00 p.m. the previous night she was notified that 3 parcels owned by the Carters will become available.  Those parcels West of Interstate 65 cover 57 acres and the owners would keep 37 of those acres, selling the other 50.  As had been discussed before and couldn’t happen because of the potential land being considered was not for sell by the owners, a sports complex for this land was suggested.  Such a facility would be visible from the Interstate, attracting many to that location.  Most important for the process to continue is that the county would then become a utility user thereby alleviating the current challenge to the wastewater treatment facility’s costly depreciation.  Currently that would have to be charged to a number of smaller users who already have their own waste treatment option.   Challenges to this property include having to cross under a road, and the property may have some water issues.  Preliminary talks with the owners show they do want to do something with the property.  She noted no final vote today, except possibly a vote to pursue discussions, but not tying funds to the purchase at this time.  Question about an option with County Attorney preparing one, but it was noted without the county’s wastewater treatment, the property would not be as valuable.  Currently the property is overgrown but County Executive Greene said she would be going next week to look again.  Several people mentioned the great economic aspect to such a complex, citing others of which they were familiar.  County Executive also mentioned the timing was good to potentially use some of the grant funds and with grant funds, more attractive to utility companies.  A motion by Commissioner Gayle Jones and seconded by Commissioner Roger Reedy to proceed with understanding there is an intent to study.  Motion approved.


Commissioner Roger Reedy moved for adjournment.  Commissioner Gayle Jones seconded and motion was approved.


Attendees:  Property Committee Members – Chairman Commissioner Tracy Wilburn, Joyce Woodard, Harold Brooks, Gayle Jones, Larry Worsham, David Adams, and Roger Reedy/Other Commissioners – Mike Cesarini, Tommy Pollard, Terry Harwell, Tim Risner, Stoney Jackson, Rose Brown, Duane Jones, Erin Curry, David Wamble, Judy Pruett, Joseph Sutton /County Executive Melissa Greene, Financial Management Director Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin, Ambulance Director Roy Griggs, OEM Interim Director Josh Young, Archives Director Barbara Nicolson/Members of the Public