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Property Committee Minutes – October 7, 2021

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7 October 2021



Committee Members in attendance:  Chairman Tracy Wilburn, David Adams, Harold Brooks, Gayle Jones, Roger Reedy, Joyce Woodard, Larry Worsham  Other Attendees  County Executive Melissa Greene, Other Commissioners: Rose Brown on Remote,  Brad Butler, Terry Harwell, Stoney Jackson, Mike Cesarini on Remote, Judy Pruett, Joseph Sutton, David Wamble Other County employee Julie Phillips, Giles County’s Solid Waste Coordinator, Other: David Hamilton, Economic Development Director; Bill Young Private Citizen;  Barbara Harmon (Pulaski Citizen)


Chairman Terry Wilburn opened the meeting with a request for Harold Brooks to provide a prayer and lead the pledge.   A motion to approve the 2 September 2021 minutes was made by Larry Worsham and seconded by Joyce Woodard.  Motion  Approved.


First agenda item:  County Executive, Melissa Greene addressed the challenges with developing I65, Exit 14, and provided 2 handouts.  One handout was color coded to show the individual owners of property located near that exit, and the second handout showed potential cost to users of a waste water service, including depreciation.  Two potential insurmountable problems, at this time, are no property owners are either willing to sell or lease and the law states the county can build the treatment plant but the users must assume the cost immediately including depreciation.  Two properties on each side of highway 64 are owned by multiple heirs and locating those heirs is most difficult.  In addition, if could be sold, would have to go through the courts causing additional delays.  David Hamilton said no prospect is willing to wait 6 months or more to determine that they would use a site.  County Executive had approached one of the owners to use their property after purchase for a ball field, making the county one of the users of the waste water treatment.  This would reduce the cost somewhat to the existing companies now located at the exit.  However the owner was not interested in selling.  Other properties were discussed, or use of residential users, but having to install sewer pipes under the interstate or at some longer distance is cost prohibitive.  Some other questions addressed road entrance into the property currently owned by the county, re the multiple heirs , David Hamilton had discussed with a local bank who said with so many heirs the property probably would have to be sold through a public auction, again taking considerable time to process.  Melissa said she wanted to share this information with the Commissioners so they could be informed on answering any of the public’s questions about developing Exit 14.  Chairman Tracy Wilburn thanked the County Executive for all her work in addressing this issue.


Second Agenda Item- Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Update – County Executive Melissa Greene said that a county must continue doing projects to meet the ADA guidelines, and that we are fortunate to have a local individual, Chrissy Hood,  appointed personally by the governor to the Council on Developmental Disabilities.  She and Melissa have been in discussion and Melissa has chosen to initiate a project placing a family restroom changing table in the second floor restroom of the annex.  The cost is approximately $2500 and is within the budget for the County Executive.  While she does not need approval from the Committee, since within the budget, Roger Reedy moved and Harold Brooks seconded that the committee supported this action.  Motion approved.



Third Agenda Item – Truist Lease (formerly SunTrust) – Current lease with Truist using county building provides a rental income of a little over $9K per month now.  The lease has built-in increases for another 5 year extension.  Larry Worsham moved that we accept the extension with the increases, with Harold Brooks seconding.  Motion approved.  On a question can those increases be changed upward, and Melissa said the county attorney is checking.


Fourth Agenda Item – Solid Waste Office – This potential move requires county commissioners approval, per the County Executive.  The plan would be to move the Solid Waste office to a portion of the current Financial Management Office and build a wall to separate the two offices.  This move is planned due to the hiring of a Human Resource Officer for the county which requires considerable privacy in day to day operations.  That officer would be placed in the office currently being used by the Solid Waste coordinator.  Since the only allowed entrance into Financial Management is now through the County Executive’s hallway entrance, this will allow any one entering to be properly informed as to their needed business location.  David Wamble asked about the Veteran Officer location, but that has a different set of privacy problems, e.g. with sound through walls.  David also asked about applicants yet, and was told there are some already but the due date is later this month.  Chairman Wilburn gave Julie Phillips, Giles County’s Solid Waste Coordinator, the opportunity to add anything but she declined.  Gayle Jones moved and Joyce Woodard seconded for a motion to approve.  Motion approved.  David Wamble asked how much would a wall cost?  Melissa said approximately $10K – $12K and is in the budget now, and will use local contractors.




With there being no other business, David Adams moved for adjournment, Larry Worsham seconded.  Motion approved.


Lois Aymett