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Legislative Committee Minutes – October 7, 2021 (unapproved)

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Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes

7 October 2021


Committee Members in attendance: Chairperson Stoney Jackson, David Adams (for Mike Cesarini on remote), Roger Reedy (for Duane Jones, absent), Gayle Jones (for Tommy Pollard absent), Judy Pruett, Joyce Woodard, Larry Worsham, Mike Cesarini on remote (can’t vote),  Other Commissioners:  Harold Brooks, Brad Butler, Terry Harwell, Joseph Sutton, David Wamble, Tracy Wilburn, Rose Brown on remote Other:  Melissa Greene – County Executive, Public:  Bill Young, Barbara Harmon (Pulaski Citizen)


Chairman Stoney Jackson opened the meeting with a request for a motion on the 2 September 2021 minutes (Prayer and pledge provided in previous meeting.)  Larry Worsham motioned for approval; seconded by Judy Pruett.  Motion approved.


First Agenda Item – Fire and Rescue Resolution – A copy of the proposed resolution was provided, showing the governing body of Giles County, Tennessee, recognizes the Giles County Fire and Rescue Services.  No additional funding is required.  Larry Worsham moved and Joyce Woodard seconded that the resolution be provided to the full commission.  Motion approved.  Gayle Jones asked would this be an annual requirement, and Melissa answered No.


Second Agenda Item – A copy of the proposed resolution was provided, showing support in urging Tennessee’s elected leaders to oppose the federally proposed vaccine mandate.  Melissa mentioned the wording on the resolution came from County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS) and the committee’s responsibility can be either to send on or not to full commission.  She mentioned that previously county mayors were asked to sign a letter showing support but she had declined due to the wording of the letter.  She also said she did agree with this resolution because industry would either have to test weekly  or lose some of their employees.  Gayle Jones moved to send to full commission, with Joyce Woodard seconding.  Terry Harwell said not crazy about someone telling us what we have to do, but look at polio and it’s wiped out now.  Chairperson Stoney Jackson said should be a person’s choice.  Terry then stated if don’t want anybody telling them, so wear something so others can keep away from them.  Vote as taken on the motion to send to the full commission approved with a vote of 5 to 2, with Larry Worsham abstaining, and David Adams voting no.


Other business – David Wamble stated that what these committees are voting on are whether to send to full commission or not.  He may vote to do that so that all can vote, even if at that time he does not support that issue.


Gayle Jones then mentioned that in Rule 6 is not clear with the statement “no commissioner who has spoken before meeting can speak”.  Melissa said probably should have a word inserted so that it would read “no commissioner who has spoken before in the meeting can speak” which would allow all commissioners to speak before one commissioner speaks twice or more.  She will look into it and if was in before and now is just a typo omission, she will send out an email; and would not need a vote.


Gayle Jones than mentioned allowing people in the county to speak without the burden of responding 10 days prior to a meeting that they do want to speak.  She further stated should welcome their comments.  Gayle then made a motion to allow people to speak and David Adams seconded.  Joyce Woodard noted that the city of Pulaski has on each agenda a place for the public to speak on any agenda item.  Chairman Jackson said it is a public meeting but that doesn’t mean public speakers.  For that they should go through their commissioner.  Roger Reedy commented that the commissioner could suspend the rules and let the person speak, but it would take a 2/3 vote for that to happen.  Larry Worsham asked had the county had any problems and Melissa replied she had only had 2 or 3 requests.  David Wamble asked are we following the Tennessee code and answer was it’s a public meeting.  Gayle differed with asking and then requiring a 2/3 vote.  Chairman said that would be unlikely to fail a 2/3 vote if someone wanted to speak.  Concerns were expressed about staying on topic and the extra time involved.  Gayle said she would like to amend her motion to add “speak on an agenda item for five minutes”.  Joyce seconded.  A vote was taken on the motion with 5 voting yes, and 2 voting no (Stoney and Roger)   Motion approved.


With no other business, David Adams moved to adjourn, Roger Reedy seconded.  Motion approved.



Lois Aymett