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Property Committee Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2022 – (Unapproved)

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10 NOVEMBER 2022


Chairman Commissioner Tracy Wilburn opened the meeting by asking for a motion on the 1 July 2022 minutes.  The minutes were moved for approval by Commissioner Gayle Jones, seconded by Commissioner Joyce Woodard and were approved unanimously.  Prayer and Pledge were foregone due to being provided in a previous same day county meeting.


First Area of discussion – Location for Ambulance Service.  County Executive said that the Director of Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance) had done an assessment on egress, traffic, road blockages (such as train stoppages) and had looked at the billings to identify “hot” spots, i.e., in cities with more dense populations and use of the service.  The Chair suggested a close look at property the county already owns, i.e. property located near the jail, located at the end of the airport runway, city/county owned together, property behind Lewter’s hardware.  Also to look at property that could be purchased from private individuals, e.g., nearby pass.  Current estimate is $800K, and that property already has sewer, water, and with state right of way access – only county cost to make connections such as material for easement; Property near Valley Packaging which has sewer but with a forced line (pumped) but site may be solid rock so sewer costly.  Commissioner Joyce Woodard noted E911 services may want some land across from the cemetery (40 acres) so county could buy and then sell to E911 thereby reducing the cost.  Another location Cabinets & Moore up for bid, early December.  Commissioner Goolsby re the $800K bid commented not close to what is going for an acre in Giles County that being considerably less.  Commissioner David Wamble suggested doing a perk test on the Runway property and to authorize the County Executive to proceed.  Commissioner Terry Jones suggested also look at tying into Valley Packaging lines.  A question by Commissioner Evan Baddour was raised on safety of having a church build near the runway and Commissioner Reedy noted we also don’t want the Ambulance building and staff put in harms way.  County Executive said would like to see three possibilities and do a scoring matrix, i.e. the airport property near the runway, where the Fire and Rescue is at the foot of the jail, and one other.  Commissioner Evan Baddour asked why not the agri-park which already has water and sewer.  Commissioner Annelle Guthrie said she sees trucks backing up that road (from the industrial park).  Commissioner Wamble said time to pick a place.  Commissioner Gayle Jones mentioned the need for a tall antenna for ambulance service; and next to the jail is only two lanes; and there is an industrial railroad.  Commissioner Terry Jones mentioned the one near the grave yard and to compare total costs of others, e.g., sewer costs in rocky locations, compared to the $800K asking price for the one near the cemetery.  The cemetery property does not immediately connect to the bypass, but does exit onto Mill Street.  A question from Commissioner Terry Jones on would this be one centralized place with some outlet stations, and the Chair said yes but bigger for the centralized station (to better accommodate the ambulances).  Commissioner Joyce Woodard asked about the land behind the co-op and a potential sale by the co-op owner.  Commissioner Shelly Goolsby asked about acreage required and the County Executive said five, and if including e911 closer to ten.  Director Griggs said E911 will have to go somewhere and were interested.  Commissioner Matt Hopkins asked about the level of growth for the required service and would want whatever the county does to make sure it has longevity.  Director Griggs mentioned the previous study would include room for eight ambulances, a room for medical examiner, and could have room for some outside providers to stay if necessary.  Commissioner Joyce Woodard mentioned the possibility of locating three, i.e., ambulance, fire and rescue and e911 together.


Second Area of Discussion – Courthouse assessment.  County Executive said the contractor, OHM – an architecture, engineering and planning firm, toured the courthouse about a month ago to do a walk through, and the results of that needs to be briefed to the whole commission.  Some of those needs are immediate and some are long term.  He will schedule them to visit and provide possible phases for the refurbishment.  Commissioner Matt Hopkins asked if that could be available digitally.  Some decisions such as replacing the ceiling tile in the annex meeting room must be made, and the carpet is in stock and the lighting may be replaced internally.  A question about the suitability of painting the existing wallpaper was raised.


Old Business – Bill Young addressed the potential of Exit 14 to help in solving some of the financial distress.  He also mentioned an earlier discussion within the commission on available property at exit 14 and the potential of a sports complex.  That would solve the building by the county of a waste water treatment plant and the associated high cost of depreciation associated with that building by current organizations located at that exit.  Other new business was raised by Director Roy Griggs on the current ambulance building where the plumbing under the floor which had been partly refurbished is again not working with several areas having overflow water.  He asked for permission to get quotes on repair.  Commissioner Evan Baddour moved for that approval and with Commissioner Matt Hopkins providing the second, the motion was unanimously approved.  The County Executive brought up the board of education buildings having two already condemned and that he had requested the school superintendent provide a master plan on all properties.


A motion by Commissioner Matt Hopkins and seconded by Commissioner Evan Baddour to adjourn was unanimously approved.


Attendees:  Members of the Committee – Commissioners Chair Tracy Wilburn, Annelle Guthrie, Gayle Jones, Joyce Woodard, Matt Hopkins, Evan Baddour, Shelly Goolsby  Other Commissioners – Roger Reedy, Joseph Sutton, Rose Brown, Maurice Woodard, Dr. James Lathrop, David Adams, Caleb Savage, Terry Jones, Erin Curry,  Judy Pruett, David Wamble  Other County Executive Graham Stowe, Medical Services (Ambulance) Director Roy Griggs, members of the public