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11 April 2022


Chairman Tracy Wilburn opened the meeting asking Commissioner Tommy Pollard to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  The Chairman, noting all had received minutes from the previous 10 February 2022 meeting, entertained a motion for approval by Commissioner Larry Worsham, seconded by Commissioner Gayle Jones.  Motion approved.


First Agenda Item – Bodenham Community Club.  Per County Executive Melissa Greene, in accord with a request to provide stamped drawings prior to any construction beginning, the Club has requested the when-selected contractor provide the stamped drawings.  (In Tennessee most construction projects require stamped drawings to obtain the building permit.  “Stamped plans” are plans bearing the seal of a Professional Engineer.)  Commissioner Roger Reedy asked if this would be a county building.   Melissa responded that while being built on county property, the building would not be a county building.  Ann Prince of the Club noted that the club would be responsible for insurance, utilities, upkeep (already doing grounds, and working on best approach for sewage (school had one which had been filled in, or a new one).  Commissioner Gayle Jones asked if the Club in the future abandons the building would it revert to county.  Ms. Prince responded the club had already spent $38K for areas such as a pavilion, picnic tables, walking trails and a historic marker.  People are already showing interest, she said, in holding events in the location.  Commissioner David Adams and Larry Worsham moved to send the request to the full commission.  Commissioner Wamble asked how has this been financed and Ms. Prince mentioned the radio auction which garnered $80K as well as several other fund raisers.  Commissioner Wamble further asked if they would be assuming debt for the construction and was told no.  Motion approved.

Second Agenda Item – Fire and Rescue.  Mr. Bill Myers gave an update on all approved projects and provided pictures.  In particular he discussed the Prospect Station and the Brick Church station – both completed.  And regarding the buildings owned by the Fire and Rescue organization mentioned a major water leak in the Richland location and at the Rose Hill location will be enclosed with metal.  He discussed the ISO level of fire protection noting how much it helps with home owner insurance within 5 miles of the station(s) and that currently they are at Level 7 but are working toward a Level 6 or possibly 5.  That level of protection equates to a 10-12% reduction in insurance rates.  He also said that while all insurance companies don’t offer this, the majority do.  Bill then went on to discuss a future training tower in Pulaski area, approximately a $30 -$50K cost.  On asking about the process to bring this to the full commission now or after the budget process (due to some unknowns), Commissioner Curry stated “go ahead and do with your budget application, just list in two separate categories – your regular request and the training tower.”  A motion by Roger, seconded by Commissioner Harold Brooks, to send to the budget committee a request for the approximate cost of $30 – $50K training tower information, and noting the cost was mostly dependent on donations/fund raising.  Motion approved.  Mr. Myers described the potential tower noting heights, platforms, and the use of a different type capability located in Lawrenceburg.  He described the tower as being a regional type facility.  On being asked about additional insurance, he answered – not for personal liability during training but a minimum cost for the facility.


County Executive then asked if the agenda could be changed to allow Ms. Cathy Woods to have time to address the UDC courtroom.  As noted in previous minutes, the courtroom had been addressed in a lawsuit as having items that could sway some jurists, and those items were being considered for removal.  The County Executive noted this had been an extensive timely process done by the County Attorney.  Since this was something the state had to approve, their recommended input was to develop a resolution accompanied by a petition, which according to the state could be done speedily since both the UDC and the county are working together for a satisfactory solution.  The information, per Ms. Greene, is that both a petition and a resolution will be in the package provided to the full commission.  She further mentioned that a cost of $165 was estimated to remove the image in the door of the UDC courtroom.  Commissioner David Adams and seconded by Larry Worsham was made to go forward with the petition and the resolution.  Motion approved.  Ms. Woods said she was glad all were in agreement, hated what had happened, but understood.


Third Agenda Item – Courthouse Study Update.  County Executive said she had met with the OHM – an architecture, engineering and planning firm, and they have evaluated in total the courthouse, except for some small additional looks at landscaping and the roof. Ms. Greene mentioned never having a set of plans before, and that now the county has one, there will be a presentation on the study in about two months and she would like for all to be able to attend.  The company have a few questions prior to finishing that presentation.  Those being, evaluate where different offices are, i.e. stay where they are or move to another courthouse location, should walls be changed, would you keep everybody in building – what are the long-term goals for the building.  In a strategy session about one – two years ago a justice center was discussed but that didn’t seem to be strategically possible now or lack of interest to do so.  Based on that and other factors, Ms. Greene had told them initially they will all stay.  Questions on fire alarms, use of Truist (formerly the Suntrust building) for the Justice Center (a source of income for the county), ADA requirements for disabled were all answered with they are looking at all the deficiencies.   David Adams motioned with Larry Worsham seconding that the committee go forward with the study in keeping with what had been told to them by Ms. Greene.  Motion approved.


Under Old Business – David Adams asked about the Schwan building after seeing some activity at that location.  Per Ms. Greene the front entrance is being worked today with window and door framing, dependent upon weather.


New Business – Late information given by Ambulance Director Roy Griggs on the Baptist Association property declared their asking price $1.3M, over an appraised value of $800K.  As an aside Commissioner Stoney Jackson asked about staffing, and Roy responded with hiring one who is coming back and another one indicated wanted to talk.  Currently running 2 – 3 ambulances.  Still in desperate need of Full Time employees.  Commissioner Wamble said, after some negative discussion on the perceived high asking price of the Baptist property, that we shouldn’t just walk away.  Considerable discussion on what is needed for the ambulance service in particular in bays, location, how much remodeling and cost would be associated with the Baptist location, and lack of other properties, Commissioner Gayle Jones said “I just don’t see us walking away.”  There had been some previous discussion about potentially trading the current ambulance location, but general consensus was that would require opening that location up in the bid process.  Additional discussion on combining the 911 service in one location, another location with significantly more traffic with which to contend.  Commissioner Reedy said this should be forwarded to the ambulance committee to determine what needs to be done and the cost involved.  Commissioner Joyce Woodard moved, with Roger seconding, that this be sent to the ambulance committee for their consideration, in particular in regard to the cost.  Motion approved.


County Executive them moved to discussion of carpet samples provided by Mill Direct.  The samples were for a decision on which color should be used in the basement meeting room in the Truist location.  After much discussion and a failed motion on keeping the wall paper, the decision on Revolution 7044T was made.  On some discussion about removing the wallpaper, it was discussed that painting the wallpaper might be the most cost-effective measure.


An additional subject brought up by Commissioner Gayle Jones was to pursue cameras at the Ag Park, and which will be discussed in the upcoming Ag Park meeting.  Currently there are none at the Ag Park with only two County locations having the security cameras, those being the courthouse and the OEM.  That data located on the cloud is not monitored in real time but can be accessed.  It was mentioned that most of Ag Park is limited in internet access and wireless would have to be pursued, being more costly.


Commissioner Duane Jones returned in conversation to a prospective location for the Ambulance service, noting that the Ag Park has potential, with no additional cost for land for the service.  Some of the property located in the industrial area was also mentioned but per Ms. Greene probably not a good idea to use that rather than industrial use.  Commissioner Terry Harwell mentioned problems with the sewer system at the Ag Park for the Ambulance service but Commissioner Jackson said the sewer system had been rerouted now.  Commissioner Woodard mentioned the baseball field adjoining the Co-op, who owns it,  and it was also noted that the Co-op is trying to fill in an adjoining lot as well.  The County would have to offer to buy both.  Chairman Wilburn said should be referred to the committees of the Ambulance and the Ag Park for their consideration.


Questions were raised on the Milky Way Farm lot and Ms. Greene said had been turned over to the Financial Management Office as is done for any buying/selling of county property.  Question on the Peach Road status and Ms. Greene answered with the FEMA has given a definite answer that it cannot be sold, having to do with how it was purchased in the first place (through a grant).  Commissioner asked about Truist (SunTrust) and had they accepted the denial of their request for a 10% decrease and that was answered with a yes.


Gayle Jones, and Larry Worsham seconding, moved for adjournment.  Motion approved.


Attendees:  Committee Members – Chairman Tracy Wilburn, Joyce Woodard, Harold Brooks, Gayle Jones, Larry Worsham, David Adams, and Roger Reedy/Other Commissioners – Mike Cesarini, Tommy Pollard, Terry Harwell, Tim Risner, Stoney Jackson, Rose Brown, Duane Jones, Erin Curry, David Wamble, Brad Butler, Judy Pruett/County Executive Melissa Greene, Ambulance Director Roy Griggs, Fire and Rescue Bill Myers, Ann Prince Bodenham Community Club, UDC Cathy Woods, and other members of the public