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Giles County Regional Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – March 5, 2024 (Approved)

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5 MARCH 2024

Planning Commission Vice Chair Tommy Pope opened the meeting asking that Malcolm Moore offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  The minutes of 6 February 2024 were moved for approval by Commissioner Erin Curry, seconded by Commissioner Terry Jones, and were approved unanimously.

County Executive (CE) Graham Stowe was asked if he had any announcements, and with there being none, the Chair moved to the first agenda item.  He asked the CE to discuss the draft Revised subdivision standards provided in a handout.  The CE said the draft reflected the use of some of the Putnam County Planning Standards as well as the questions asked/discussed in previous Planning Commission meetings.  The draft also was discussed with engineer Chip Moore, who attended and offered support in a previous meeting, and made some recommendations on the draft; discussed with a developer and used his check list as a reference; and discussed with Giles Road Superintendent Barry Hyatt for his input.  The CE said the current draft handout represents approximately 75% of the input needed for improvements, and he expects to come back in April and have the draft 95% ready, to include edits from the Planning Commission, after which it would be ready for the Full Commission’s consideration.  The CE then discussed the draft itself, noting the highlighted areas are additions that should be closely reviewed.  He noted the Purpose as being the most important element of the document, i.e. make it clear that the purpose of the Planning Commission’s work is to address the county’s role in maintaining public infrastructure as it relates to subdivisions, while also preserving private property rights.  Other areas discussed were:  to whom the subdivision standards apply or do not apply; three new definitions for clarity; preliminary and final plat must include survey by a Tennessee certified surveyor and/or follow specific laws; sewage system where to go for direction; specific timelines on when to act; elements of a final plat; infrastructure capability; set back requirements; and drainage requirements.  The CE asked if the committee would review for any gaps, and be prepared at next Planning Commission meeting to discuss changes/concurrence.  The Chair gave a specific location considered a subdivision by the state, but not necessarily included per the county’s standards.  Discussion centered on exactly the reasoning behind the state’s determination.

The Chair asked if there was any old business and there being none, he asked for any new business.  The CE said in a previous survey there was a request that the Planning Commission have professional expertise made available for technical engineering advice.  He said after talking to the Chair, Connie Howell, and to Chip Moore, he would be recommending $3K – $4K to place in the next FY budget so engineering professional services could be contracted to assist in the reviewing of plats. 

A motion by Scott Stewart, seconded by Commissioner Terry Jones, to adjourn was made and was approved unanimously. 

ATTENDEES:  Members of the Commission Vice Chair Tommy Pope (in Chair Connie Howell’s absence), Malcolm Moore, Kristen Pfeiffer, Scott Stewart,  Tameika Russell, John Haislip, Bill Myers Commissioners: Annelle Guthrie, Terry Jones , Erin Curry  Other Commissioners attending – Evan Baddour, Gayle Jones, David Adams, Matt Rubelsky Public:  Rebecca Peden, Levi Taylor