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Giles County Regional Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – June 4, 2024 (Unapproved)

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4 JUNE 2024

Chair Connie Howell opened the meeting with a prayer and a pledge offered by Commissioner Terry Jones.  The minutes of 14 May 2024 were moved for approval by Commissioner Erin Curry, seconded by Commissioner Terry Jones, and were approved unanimously.

The Chair noted there was nothing on the agenda, but asked about unfinished business (none) and new business.  Under New Business, the Chair discussed conversations with Mr. Jason Doggett, President, Giles County Farm Bureau, and two or three more individuals, on the potential for lot size restrictions for subdivisions.  Mr. Doggett had previously discussed with the Commission his concerns about the loss of farmland to subdivision developments, a concern across the state.  The Chair said that several of the surrounding counties did have a lot size restriction in their standards, per discussion with Mr. Doggett.  For instance, according to member Kristen Pfeiffer, Lincoln County has as a minimum an approximate restriction that subdivisions must have 15 acres for development.  Two commissioners, Erin Curry and Terry Jones, gave specific examples of potential concerns, as to how that restriction could affect certain individuals.  The Chair, in discussion with County Executive Graham Stowe, was told that a starting point to understand the farmland loss concern would be to review UT data which he would forward the following day.   

A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Myers and seconded by Commissioner Erin Curry and was approved unanimously. 

ATTENDEES Commission Members:  Chair Connie Howell, Kristen Pfeiffer, Bill Myers (absent Tommy Pope, Malcolm Moore, Scott Stewart, Tameika Russell, John Haislip)   Commissioner Members:  Erin Curry, Annelle Guthrie, Terry Jones,  Other attendees:  Commissioner Gayle Jones, Commissioner David Adams, Commissioner Evan Baddour, County Executive Graham Stowe, members of the public