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2 AUGUST 2022


Chairman Scott Stewart opened the meeting asking for announcements from the committee. There being none, he announced the next meeting would be the 6th of September.  Commissioner Pollard was asked to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  Chairman Stewart then discussed the upcoming election and how that would change the makeup of the committee.  Currently there are 11 members with 5 being commissioners appointed by the County Executive.  Commissioner Reedy noted that the full commission has to approve the members, and that commissioners cannot be the majority members.   The minutes of 7 June 2022 were moved for approval by Commissioner Pollard, seconded by Commissioner Adams, and were approved.


Chairman Stewart then said there were no agenda items, e.g., Plat approvals, and asked County Attorney Henson to address the Committee on items that had been discussed in previous meetings, e.g., definition of sub-divisions and county holder of bonds.  Attorney Henson said since the definition of sub-divisions was currently in the guidelines and was in keeping with the state statute, she recommended leaving the guidelines as currently written.   She further stated she had not yet discussed with County Road Superintendent Barry Hyatt, or Financial Management Director Beth Moore-Sumners, who would maintain the bond information, i.e., timelines and amount, to name some of that information.   A handout was also provided from Hollie Hunter, a Wireless Project Specialist of Baker Donelson, requesting information on what would be needed to get a tower zoned and permitted.  The proposed site is located at 2690 Elkton Pike, Pulaski, TN and is owned by Jeffery and Jennifer Coffman.  This request raised two issues for discussion, i.e. who would respond to this request and what would be the response.  With the upcoming election potentially resulting in changes to the Planning commission, and with no Land Use Management Plan (LUMP) for the county, a motion by Commissioner Reedy, seconded by Tameika Russell was made and approved.  The motion was for the County Attorney, on a one-time basis, respond to this particular request noting without a county LUMP, the state guidelines should be followed.  In addition, at next meeting decide who would have the responsibility of responding to such requests (which would be after the election and appointment of members.)  Attorney Henson noted that while she was willing to do this permanently, her time was a cost to the county.  With the Planning Commission having a budget, albeit small, she noted consideration should be given to a member of the Commission taking on the role of responding to similar requests.   Discussion centered on what has happened in the past to gain approval of the existing Giles County towers, noting there have been advertisements in the local paper to allow the public to comment, and whether the county was in compliance with the state process on the existing towers (noting in compliance on those).


Attorney Henson stated she would still check with the Road Superintendent and with the Director of Financial Management regarding bonds.  Commissioner Jackson noted that the County Clerk’s office maintains the official signed plat and the other copies go to various county offices, e.g., Register of Deeds and 911.  A question on including in the sub-division guidelines whose responsibility that would be, in delivering those copies, was raised.


With no other business for discussion, Commissioner Pollard motioned for adjournment and Commissioner Jackson seconded.  Motion approved.


ATTENDEES:  Members of the Planning Commission – Chairman Scott Stewart, Kristen Pfeiffer, Malcolm Moore, Bill Myers, Tamieka Russell, John Haislip (absent) and Commissioners David Adams, Stoney Jackson, Roger Reedy, Tommy Pollard, Erin Curry (absent); Other Commissioners – Mike Cesarini, Joyce Woodard, Harold Brooks, Tim Risner, Other – County Attorney Lucy Henson and members of the public.