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Giles County Regional Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – August 1, 2023 (Approved)

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1 AUGUST 2023


The Chair Connie Howell opened the meeting asking Malcolm Moore to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  The Minutes of 6 June 2023 were moved for approval by Commissioner Erin Curry, seconded by Commissioner Terry Jones, and were approved unanimously.


The Chair commented that the meeting would look at the amended sub-division rules where various approval signatures on plats were added/updated.  This discussion was based on the last meeting where Scott Stewart had asked that all required signatories be invited to the next meeting.  The Chair, who between the meetings had spoken to all the planned signatories, gave updates on the discussions as well as introducing Kirby Carpenter who was present and represented the Fairview Water District.


Mr. Carpenter gave the following information for the Fairview Water District.  Engineering plans are presented to the District, which are then presented to their own engineering staff.  If according to the District’s specifications, then they are approved drawings, and the developer can “go on from there, e.g., fees, etc.”  Later inspections will be conducted as the developer does the lines, etc.  Mr. Carpenter discussed the water line requirement for fire hydrants, i.e., 6-inch line and more than 500 gallons for fire.  The District currently has 13 – 14 fire hydrants.  He expressed some concern about desire in new homes requiring sprinkle systems.  Questions about insurance reduction costs if you have a fire hydrant in your yard and he stated only one insurance in Giles County does that; others want you to be certain distance from fire stations but no reduction in cost.  Mr. Carpenter commented that when approached by the Developer, they generally do not have a plat at that time.  Commissioner Erin Curry asked if they had every signed off on one, and he answered no.  The Chair commented that the Planning Commission signs off on the preliminary and the final plat.  With that comment Mr. Carpenter said there would be no issue with someone in his district signing off at those times.  The Chair asked if there were any new subdivision efforts ongoing and Mr. Kirby replied most of what he was seeing was at Exit 22 on Marshall County side.  Malcolm Moore commented that a 4-inch line was not much, and Mr. Carpenter said OK for drinking water.  Mr. Moore asked on 6-inch lines, how does the state enter into it, with Mr. Carpenter saying you have to get state approval.  You do a set of plans that meet state guidelines and that he has seen in the last five years a lot of changes.  He also foresees considerable changes coming, due to growth.  Mr. Carpenter gave a list of the fire hydrant locations, e.g., Minor Hill, and he also noted that the water district currently has 2496 customers.   Mr. Carpenter said just let them know when some of the “letters” are coming for signature.    Mr. Carpenter then left the meeting.


The Chair mentioned the other signatories, i.e., Barry Hyatt, Road Superintendent, signs off.  The Chair had contacted the Giles County Health Department who stated they have no factor in any part of the subdivision regulations.  A point of contact with the state of Tennessee who works in their ground water office is providing a letter explaining what he does pertaining to developments of subdivisions.  The Office of Emergency Management, Giles County, was contacted and their responsibility is for determining if the planned property is in a flood plan.  The Giles County Electric System has their engineer meet with the developer.  They decide placement of the lines and poles.  They design the lines based on plats.  Mr. Kirby Parr of the PES said they will put together a letter on what the electric system checks and possibly come to the next meeting.  The Chair reiterated the previous discussion on E-911 with Ms. Gwen Gracy who attended the last meeting.  The Chair had offered help to her and asked if she would want to come back for additional discussions.


The consensus was that the Commission might have additional effort on identifying the appropriate signatories and their processes.  A motion by Bill Myers and seconded by Commissioner Erin Curry was made to allow a letter addressing approval of septic systems instead of signatures.    Motion was approved unanimously.



Old business – none.  New business – the next meeting will be 5 September 2023.


A motion by Commissioner Terry Jones, seconded by Commissioner Annelle Guthrie, was made to adjourn and was approved unanimously.


ATTENDEES:  Members of the Commission – Chair Connie Howell, Malcolm Moore, Kristen Pfeiffer, Bill Myers (absent Tommy Pope, Scott Stewart, John Haislip, Tamieka Russell)  Commissioner Members – Terry Jones, Erin Curry, Annelle Guthrie, Other Commissioners attending:   Gayle Jones, Joyce Woodard, David Adams, Other: Kirby Carpenter – Fairview Water District