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Financial Management Minutes, March 4, 2021

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Financial Management Committee Minutes

Giles County Commission

Mar. 4, 2021 | 9:30 AM | Meeting called to order by Melissa Greene

In Attendance

Executive Melissa Greene, Stoney Jackson, Harold Brooks, Gayle Jones, David Adams, Erin Curry, Larry Worsham, Duane Jones, David Wamble, Scott Stewart, Brad Butler, Tracey Wilburn, Tommy Pollard, Joseph Sutton, Judy Pruett, Roger Reedy, Joyce Woodard-Morgan, Barry Hyatt, Beth Moore-Sumners, Dr. Vicky Beard

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer and Pledge led by Tommy Pollard.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the previous meeting’s minutes by Reedy and seconded by Hyatt.

Motion Passed.

Approval of Cooperative

Moore-Sumners says the National Cooperative Purchase Alliance was recommended to be joined by the sheriff’s department. this would allow some items to no longer have to be bid on.

Motion to approve joining by Curry. Seconded by D.Jones

Motion Passes.

Disposal of Assets

Moore-Sumners gives an update of items that need to be sold

Ag-Extension Van

Ambulance Crown Vic

Ambulance- Van Style

School- Miscellaneous transportation supplies and equipment

Schools- Ice cream freezer

Schools-Stand up Cooler

Courthouse- Miscellaneous Furniture

Sheriff’s Department- Seized Drug Cars

The sale of these items will take place on govdeals.com


Motion to approve the sale of these items by Hyatt. Seconded by Curry.

Motion Passes.


Timekeeping Software

Greene states the county is behind the times on timesheets.

They are looking for something that would incorporate into their payroll system that would save time.

Moore-Sumners states she’s had several meetings with the timekeeper software.

She states the department heads will need to be on board for this to be successful.

This will not incorporate the schools.



Old/New Business

Old Business:

No old business.


New Business:

Nancy states that in the upcoming fiscal year county employees will have a 27th payroll. This is due to having 1 extre day left over for eleven years, and then the leap years as well. The last time this happened was in 2012. This committee will need to increase the budget to do the 27th payroll.

Moore-Sumners states changing to a every other week payroll opposed to the 15th and 30th would prevent this from happening.

Greene adds this is coming up for discussion so that everyone is aware at budget time.


Moore-Sumners states that because this is not a yearly occurrence these amounts could be made from the fund balance.



Moore-Sumners gives an update on financial management’s response to Covid. She says the pandemic has forced their hand on their capabilities to work from. The financial management office is capable of 100% working from home with the exception of printing checks. She is proud of the progress they have made.



Attorney Henson has sent a leter to terminate the contract with the ambulance collections company effective May 31, 2021. The financial management office is in the process of getting together a RFP that will go into effective June 1, 2021.


Greene updates on insurance. The possibility of seperating from the school system policy for the sake of liability expense. There are some policies that are combined. She will soon call an insurance committee meeting to lay them all out and asses what is best.


Dr.Beard states she has received a draft contract that has been reviewed by the attorney and Executive Greene. Each of them have made recommendations that have been added to the contract. She looks for the school board to approve this contract at their meeting tonight.

Motion to adjourn by Reedy. Second by D.Jones.

Motion Passes.