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Audit Committee Minutes, March 4, 2021

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Audit Committee Minutes

Giles County Commission

Mar. 4, 2021 | 9:00 AM | Meeting called to order by Stoney Jackson

In Attendance

Executive Melissa Greene, Stoney Jackson, Harold Brooks, Gayle Jones, David Adams, Erin Curry, Larry Worsham, Duane Jones, David Wamble, Scott Stewart, Brad Butler, TRacey Wilburn, Tommy Pollard, Joseph Sutton, Judy Pruett, Roger Reedy, Mike Cesarrini

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer and Pledge led by Tommy Pollard.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the previous meeting’s minutes by Curry and seconded by Worsham.

Motion Passed.

1920 Audit

Jackson states everyone on the committee has received a copy of this document and gives the floor to Moore-Sumners.

She states this audit emcompasses the school system, the highway department, and the general fund.

She shares that when financial management was implemented the Highway Department had their own numbers. This allowed them to know the next number sequence.

The only finding was two exact same dump truck beds. She states that because they were purchased in close proximity to each other they should have been collectively bid.

Typically a reposition is issued to the finance office, it’s approved and a PO number is issued.

With the highway department being unique, they already knew what the PO number was.

Going forward she feels the best approach is to co-mingle their PO numbers so that it will have to be asked for and prohibit this form happening again in the future.


Motion to accept the audit findings and corrections by Jackson. Seconded by Worsham.

Motion Passes.


Jackson states this committee is supposed to meet twice a year and one of those times is to be with audit. Due to covid this has been difficult. He states he would like to see that happen later in the year.

Moore-Sumners adds they have verbalized that they are available by phone anytime.

Old/New Business

Old Business:

Wamble asks for an update on findings from the animal shelter audit.

Greene states it has been pushed back due to covid. It is currently set for April 27-28.


New Business:

No new business


Adams makes a motion to adjourn, Seconded by D.Jones.

Motion Passes.