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Financial Management Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2022 (Approved)

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9 MARCH 2022


Chairman County Executive Melissa Greene opened the meeting asking for a motion on the 2 September 2021 minutes (Prayer and pledge offered in previous same day meeting).  Motion to approve by Tracy Wilburn, seconded by Barry Hyatt.  Motion approved.


First Agenda Item – General Services Administration Cooperation Purchasing Program.  Beth Moore-Sumners, Director of Financial Management, noted while not currently a member of this program/co-op, it does offer the county access to purchase a wide variety of products and services and can reduce the bid time as well.  Comparison shopping showed this program to be less expensive, at least for the item shopped.  There is no requirement to use this program solely.  To become a member would require an approved resolution.  Barry Hyatt, Superintendent of Roads, moved for approval to forward to the full Commission with Stoney Jackson seconding.  Motion approved.


Second Agenda Item – Disposal of Assets.  Beth mentioned that the office follows the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) requirements in disposing of assets.  The Director is responsible for providing the information on the assets to the Commission.  Beth provided a listing of all the assets for disposal and Tommy Pollard moved for approval of disposing of the assets listed, with Tracy seconding.  Motion approved.


With no Old Business, New Business was discussed specifically about county employee insurance.  The following was given as an update on that issue.  The county for the first time has engaged a broker, Five Points, who will evaluate all insurance options to include the state plan.  A relatively new employee, Liz Pate, Human Resource Manager, has responsibility for this effort and according to both County Executive Melissa Greene and Beth has hit the ground running.  She has responded to several for job openings and today, after noting some information on county commissioners was missing, was staying after the meeting to gather that information.


Motion for adjournment made by Tommy Pollard and seconded by Tracy Wilburn.  Motion approved.


Committee Members in attendance: Melissa Green Chairperson, Erin Curry, Barry Hyatt, Duane Jones, Mike Cesarini, Roger Reedy and Dr. Vicki Beard   Other Commissioners:  Rose Brown, David Adams, Rodney Journey, Bill Cary, Harold Brooks, Tommy Pollard, Tracy Wilburn, Larry Worsham, Joyce Woodard, Judy Pruett, David Wamble, Gayle Jones, Stoney Jackson,  Tim Risner, Terry Harwell, and Joseph Sutton Other:  Beth Moore-Sumners, Nancy Griffin, and Liz Pate Financial Management, Roy Griggs  Ambulance, Steve Kelley  Transportation,  Bill Young,  Annelle Guthrie Public Barbara Harmon – Pulaski Citizen