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Financial Management Committee Minutes – February 9, 2024 – (Approved)

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The Financial Management Chair County Executive (CE) Graham Stowe opened the meeting asking if there were any public announcements.  There being none, he discussed the handout on asset disposition.  According to the Financial Management (FM) Director Beth Moore-Sumners the report on assets included all those items from 30 Jun 2023 through 07 February 2024.  Per previous approval she noted it was not necessary for approval on items less than $1K, but were shown on the report for information.  In addition, two items, one for a portable building and the other for a 1993 truck, were respectively $1450 and $9,800.  A motion to approve the dispositions was made by Commissioner Tracy Wilburn, seconded by Commission Erin Curry, and approved unanimously.


The Chair discussed procedures for capital project management and the need to establish policy.  In particular he addressed those contracts dealing with professional services, which historically involve approval of the CE, the FM Director and the specific department head involved in that effort.   He said a team approach was needed, suggesting four to five people as a Project Management Team (PMT), to work with design firms, construction managers and contractors.  The CE proposal included the Building and Budget chairs to the PMT.  A question on the sunshine law was raised as to whether commissioners could serve on non-publicized PMT meetings, and the CE stated that had already been vetted through CTAS and the CA.  Road Superintendent Barry Hyatt questioned what role would such a team play in his contracting for highway efforts, and the CE assured him that the PMT would focus on capital projects involving county buildings greater than $50K.  Commissioner Evan Baddour asked what the team would do for the full commission; the CE saying the PMT’s role would solely be project management, and when issues arose requiring commission engagement it would be the role of the Building and Budget Chairs to call those meetings.  Barry Hyatt asked how is this working now, with the CE saying that in the past project management was primarily a county executive role, but he was trying to involve more people for better accountability.  Commissioner Evan Baddour voted to approve the PMT concept, with Barry Hyatt providing a second.  Motion approved unanimously.  The FM Director said the wording would be added FM Policies and Procedures Manual and added to the commission’s Feb agenda.

Next the Fund Balance Policy was discussed along with the need to change some wording to reflect the commission’s recently approved resolution, stating that Fund Balance Residuals were defined as funds in excess of 45% of the previous fiscal year’s general fund budget, with those residuals moved to Fund 171 Capital Projects.  A motion by Commissioner Erin Curry, seconded by Commissioner Judy Pruett, was made to approve and was approved unanimously.

No old business.

New business – Commissioner Gayle Jones asked for an update noting information in previous minutes to sell county owned Milky Way lots.  The CE noted there is an abundance of previous county attorney’s work on that issue, that resale of land from delinquent tax sales is complicated, and recommended this be made an agenda item meriting a separate meeting.


The CE then noted efforts toward improving countywide project prioritization, and stated an initiative to have the Financial Management Committee serve as a project prioritization board for acquisitions, construction and improvement projects greater than $50K, including proposals for new personnel positions.  He stated that many different issues have been thrown at the commission for funding, but none of them were prioritized and most should have been anticipated and rank-ordered for funding consideration.  He has had department head discussions and addressed a “needs-assessment” of projects.  The FM Director noted a consolidated look at prioritization of projects would help the Department Heads also consider the total county requirements.  Barry Hyatt questioned including hiring personnel, noting that is in his department’s budget.  The FM Director said prioritization would be to consider new positions not already in the departments’ budgets.  Commissioner Shelly Goolsby asked if this is to take the place of a county strategic plan, with the CE noting this is an element of the strategic plan.


A motion by Commissioner Evan Baddour was made to adjourn, and with Commissioner Judy Pruett providing the second, the meeting adjournment was approved unanimously.


MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Chairman County Executive Graham Stowe, Road Superintendent Barry Hyatt, Director of Schools Vickie Beard, Commissioners – Erin Curry, Tracy Wilburn, Judy Pruett, Evan Baddour  Other Commissioners Attending:  Gayle Jones, Matthew Hopkins, Tim Risner, Joseph Sutton, Caleb Savage, Joyce Woodard Rose Brown, Shelly Goolsby, Matt Rubelsky, Annelle Guthrie, James Lathrop, Terry Jones, David Wamble, David Adams