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1 November 2, 2021


ATTENDEES:  Committee Members:  Chairman Erin Curry, Rose Brown, Mike Cesarini,  Judy Pruett for Terry Harwell (absent), Roger Reedy, Tracy Wilburn   Other Commissioners:  David Adams, Harold Brooks, Bill Cary, Stoney Jackson, Gayle Jones, Rodney Journey, Tommy Pollard, Tim Risner, Joseph Sutton, Joyce Woodard , Larry Worsham   Other:  County Executive Melissa Greene, Director Waste Management Julie Phillips, Financial Management Director Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin Financial Management, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Vicki Beard, Bill Young, and Scott Stewart (The Pulaski Citizen)


Chairman Erin Curry opened the meeting asking for a motion on the previous minutes of 20 April 2021.  A motion by Joseph Sutton and seconded by Tommy Pollard was approved.  Prayer and pledge was provided in previous meeting, same day.


First item on agenda – Purchase of a new truck for waste management use.  Julie Phillips gave the following information:  To keep cost down as much as possible, the requirement for truck use within waste management has been to take trucks previously used in other departments.  This has sometimes resulted in several owners before waste management use.  Determination to purchase from the state contract was discussed for the current requirement and was supported in general discussion.  Cost would be approximately $27K – $29K depending on option, size, etc.  In this case a smaller two-door would be purchased.  A motion by Tommy Pollard and seconded by Judy Pruett to approve the purchase was made, with the understanding the funding would come from existing budget where possible and balance from the fund balance.  Tommy Pollard noted that the complete draining of the budget for waste management shouldn’t happen and to leave enough in that budget for operating budget for rest of fiscal year.  Motion was approved.


Second Agenda Item – Currently Minor Hill has a “tall roll off container” which is approximately 6 – 7 feet tall.  This height poses problems for many users and Julie recommended buying a shorter container (4 foot tall) which is consistent with many of the other locations.  Motion by Rose Brown and seconded by Tracy Wilburn to approve with funding coming from the general fund balance, and forwarding the action to the budget committee. Motion approved.


Julie then mentioned several action items being pursued.  Those being an additional look at the Bodenham center for more turning radius and, after discussions with Putnam county, a device that can crush florescent bulbs, remove the mercury and store crushed items in a 55 gallon container.  The purchase of such a device, for $4800 in 2019, would save cost in reducing pickup trips and storage requirements locally.  David Adams asked about tonnage from each Center and Julie noted the Ag-park does 2X as much as the other centers do and also noted that last month tonnage was significantly up.


With no old or new business, Tracy Wilburn moved for adjournment, Tommy Pollard seconded.  Motion approved.