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Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes – August 4, 2023 (Unapproved)

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The Environmental Committee met at 8:30 am August 4,2023.

Chairman Tracy Wilburn called the meeting to order, and asked Matt Rebelsky to lead in prayer and the pledge of allegiance to the Flag.

Tim Risner made a motion to approve the minutes to the last meeting. Joyce Morgan second the motion and it passed unanimously.

Chairman Wilburn asked Julie Phillips to discuss the topics she had on the agenda.

Julie’s request was to purchase a new backhoe for the convenience center at the Agri Park. This center handles more material than any of the other centers, averaging 350 cars/day .

Roll off boxes can be filled to 3 tons, if packed, versus 1.8 ton without packing. Minor Hill does not have a backhoe for packing boxes.

Julie proposes to send the present backhoe at the Agri Park  to Minor Hill. This backhoe was obtained from the Highway Department 8 years ago.

Maintenance on these backhoes are outsourced to dealerships or other repair businesses.

Bids proposed for the equipment were:


Thompson CAT SWC 420 for $129,351.18.  The warranty for this machine was 3 years or 3000 hours of operation; or


Diamond Equipment  SWC CASE 580NEP for $103,004.74. The warranty was for 1 year.


Matt Rebelsky complimented the convince center system on their cleanliness and appearance.

Matt made a motion that we purchase the Case at $103,004.74. Judy Pruett second the motion,  and it passed unanimously.

Tim Risner made a motion to adjourn. Joseph Sutton second the motion and it passed unanimously.


Members present:  Tracey Wilburn, Tim Risner, Roger Reedy, Joyce Woodard Morgan, Matt Rebelsky, Joseph Sutton (sitting in for Rose Brown), Judy Pruitt (sitting in for Tammy Mathis).


Others present: Erin Curry, James Lathrop, Annell Guthrie, Terry Jones, David Wamble, Shelly Goolby, David Adams, and Gayle Jones.


Submitted by:

Roger Reedy