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Budget Committee Minutes – May 19, 2021

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19 May 2021


ATTENDEES: Commissioner members – Chairman Erin Curry, David Wamble, Tim Risner, Duane Jones, Gayle Jones, Larry Worsham, Judy Pruett;  Other – County Executive Melissa Greene; Other Commissioners – Stoney Jackson, Bill Cary, Mike Cesarini, Rodney Journey, Brad Butler, Joseph Sutton, Harold Brooks, Rose Brown, Tracy Wilburn, Terry Harwell, Tommy Pollard, Joyce Woodard, David Adams, and Roger Reedy;  Other –  Dr Vicki Beard, Julie Phillips, Barry Hyatt, Steve Kelley , Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin


Chairman Erin Curry opened the meeting.  No prayer pledge given due to have been given in previous meeting.


Minutes from previous 7 May meeting unavailable in a handout.


Motion of approval for Highway budget  to be sent to Full Commission made by Tim Risner and seconded by Larry Worsham.  Comments from several commissioners that budget provided to them on this day and haven’t had time to actually review.  Motion approved 4 – 3, with  David Wamble, Gayle Jones and Judy Pruett voting no.  After review asked commissioners who voted no to provide any questions to the department head, and that will determine if need be reviewed again.


The School budget was not voted on at this time, since will be discussed next week budget meeting.  Due to scheduling School budget will be discussed first.


Comments on overall budget for 21-22 by Beth Moore:  Highway and School good budgets.  County in general troubling.  Tax rate on growth of penny in property taxes up and shows in Highway but not School, reason being MoE on school.  No non-profits are included.  In 11 years the 27th pay period happens which squeezes the numbers when comparing to previous year or upcoming years.  Several suggestions, i.e. use fund balance of $415K for the 27th pay period which may be improper; Go to pay periods of twice a month; Beth asked each to look closely at revenues, e.g. how probation might affect.  Departments using a fee structure from the public being paid a salary through the county.  A Letter of Agreement shows number of employees and salaries and is the limiting factor signed by the County Executive.  Suggestion for County Executive to invite each Department Head come to the budget committee meeting to provide status and plans.  Some commissioners asked for a listing of all organizations with a legal MoE, especially in conjunction with libraries.  Question on “ is potential $2M cash settlement included and is the $100K for Martin/UT included in this budget.”  No, nor is the potential requirement of funding probation put into place after settlement.  Proponents for individual non-profit requests discussed their reasoning, e.g. rescue, library, chamber.  Question on timing of budget meetings answered by Beth.


Schedule for Budget Meeting on 24th of May:


9:00 School

9:30 Highway if any questions arise (see above); if not

9:30 Jail

10:00 Ambulance

10:30 Environment

11:00 – 12:00 break for lunch

12:30 – Reconvene

Continuing for Departments Based on schedules County Executive will provide later

Non-profits  last discussion


Public meeting will be held in courtroom


Question on Airport – Terry Harrison, Pulaski Finance Director and city attorney currently working on an update and the Airport Advisory Council Meeting will be upcoming.


David Wamble moved for adjournment and Tim Risner seconded.  Motion approved.