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23 MAY 2022


Chairperson Commissioner Curry opened the meeting asking Commissioner Pollard to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  Commissioner Curry said, for the review, they would go section by section (not in line-item order, rather than on availability of department heads, or Directors), and then she asked County Executive Melissa Greene to provide the latest information on the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding.    Melissa addressed the various components, i.e., communication for 1st responders originally estimated at $4.1M, came in at $10M and was negotiated down to $7M with the State building some of the towers required.  She discussed the $4.5M for the broadband effort, with an additional $0.5M from county for the PES effort.  She mentioned the $0.550M for the OEM coming from the hotel/motel tax, and that the new EMS of $1.5M would come from the 189 fund as well.  And lastly, she mentioned the funding for the new Safe Space Shelter.  Questions were raised on 1) the communication for the 1st responders what part of the county is covered and Melissa answered all Giles County, including cities and towns, are covered.  The state is putting $180M statewide for the towers.  Second question will the city/towns be required to fund any, and answer was this was not included in their budgets, at the time, and in a previous vote, it was unofficially decided the county would fund all including the towers.  2nd) Question on EMS funding, and Melissa answered not approved at full commission at this time.


Chairperson Curry then made sure all commissioners had the latest updates to the 22-23 budget books (handed out in a previous meeting), and stated the public meeting to address this budget would be 21 June 2022, in county annex.  Commissioner Jones asked about access to the budget prior to this meeting, and Beth Moore-Sumners replied a copy can be requested, for a fee, and if a written, public request to speak at the meeting is hand delivered five days prior to the meeting, that person may be allowed to speak specifically to an agenda item at the meeting.  Notification of that meeting will be published in the newspaper, and if a copy of the budget is desired you can come by the Financial Management Office, Courthouse Annex, pay the copying fee, and obtain a copy.  Without that public request, no one else will be allowed to speak.

Erin then asked Beth Moore – Sumners, Director Financial Management, if she would give an overview of the budget.  Beth mentioned the difficulty of developing this budget compared to previous years.  She stated that she felt good about the school budget, where the School Board had voted to raise their Maintenance of Effort (MoE); and the Highway Department is using their fund balance to cover some of their proposed budget.  She discussed going into the general fund and noted no funds were showing available for non-profits, nor were they included in the budget – that decision and voting would be later in the afternoon; and the loss of revenue due to the court probation decisions affecting the budget.


Based on later discussions these areas were discussed in almost each individual review and will not be noted:  a 4% raise for county employees was generally across each category, with elected officials receiving a state mandated raise of 5%.  Where that is different, minutes will show.  A state directed change to 6.95% compared to previous of 4.07% for the unfunded pension liabilities is also reflected as an increase to the 22-23 budget.  Comparison between current year and target year was difficult due to the 27th pay period occurring in 21-22, and only 26 pay periods showing in 22-23.   In addition, “step raises” based on time in the job and achievement of mission sometimes made the comparison between this year and target year more difficult.  Discussion on the property tax rate and the recent re-appraisal comparison was raised by Commissioner Cesarini with the statement the assessment went up approximately 40% and the tax rate adjustment was up by as little as 1%.  While the Tax Assessor’s budget would come up later, Beth said no additional revenue can take place simply due to a reappraisal (showing more current market value), with the state determining the tax rate to keep the return to the county the same as before the reappraisal.  However, included in the overall numbers is the growth of new structures at the new rate.   Page numbers for General Fund are included since the discussions were somewhat based on availability of Department Managers as noted above, and thus are not arranged linearly.


Budget Line Item 131– Highway Department.  A motion by Commissioner Reedy and seconded by Commissioner Worsham to approve was made and, after discussion, was approved.  Beth noted this budget was only slightly changed from the 2021-2022 budget.  Barry Hyatt, Road Superintendent, said he had removed from the budget two unfilled spaces, to accommodate the 4% raise.  Commissioner Cesarini mentioned this budget was “flat” which perhaps means less work could be done.  Barry said no, there were other alternatives than decreasing work.  Beth mentioned this was a “stand alone” budget and has to maintain an average over five years.


Budget Line Item 141 – School.  Superintendent of Schools Dr. Vickie Beard was available to answer any questions.  School Board had met and approved increasing the MoE for the school by $500K.  Beth explained the MoE and the headings on the handout to all.  She further stated the county is held to the MoE, unless there is a decrease in enrollment.  The sales tax has over collected based on expectations and excess over the MoE goes into the School Fund Balance which can be used for capital equipment so no negative impact.  Commissioner Jones mentioned the increase of $500K to the MoE with $400K going toward the raises and $100K for medical insurance and fuel.  The medical insurance is showing a 6% increase in cost.  Commissioner Jones asked in the budgeting process is fuel once budgeted always locked in at that amount and Beth answered with can change but would need a budget amendment.  Commissioner Jones asked about a specific line, Support Services, is that for a truant Officer and Beth answered yes.  Commissioner Wamble moved to approve; Commissioner Worsham seconded.  Motion approved after discussion.  Question on where does the $200K from the city show, answer in Revenue – Other Government (page 2).  Question on Community Service and that is the Leaps and Bounds program which is a grant.  Question on is lottery included, and Beth answered with the county does not receive direct funds from the lottery but would be included as part of a revenue line.


Budget Line Item 143 – Giles County Cafeteria Fund.  This is all federally funded with no local funds, per Beth.  Commissioner Wamble moved for approval, Commissioner Pruett seconded.  Motion approved.


Budget Line Item 177 – Education Capital Projects.  This will be a carryover from previous budget year and audit requires a budget be shown for capital projects.  Motion by Commissioner Wamble, seconded by Commissioner Worsham to approve.  Motion approved.


Budget Line Item 178 – Capital Projects #2.  This is for renovation only and has the $7.8M left all of which will be for the next budget year 22-23.  Commissioner Wamble moved for approval; Commissioner Risner seconded.  Motion approved.


Budget Line Item 101, Category “Sheriff’s Department” Page 11-12.  This includes budgets for Courtroom Security, Sheriff’s Department, Drug Enforcement, Adm of Sexual Offender Reg, and Jail.  Sheriff Kyle Helton was available to answer any questions. The Sheriff’s Department category includes a portion of the animal control service with the two certified deputies and the vehicle used along with the associated costs.  Currently there are less inmates due to the new probation approach.   At an earlier Jail Committee meeting it was noted that the expenses for three guard spaces currently unfilled could be removed allowing the current total staff under the Sheriff’s management to get a 6% raise (Sheriff’s raise is 5% in keeping with a state mandated salary).   Staffing for this category, especially the jail staff, remains difficult.  After discussions described later in the minutes about potential cuts to the proposed 2022-2023 budget, Commissioner Wamble moved that the budget line for Sheriff’s vehicles be reduced by $170K.  With Chairperson Curry seconding the motion was approved.


Drug Fund – No county funds, and revenue received must be used generally for drug use control.  A motion by Commissioner Reedy, and seconded by Commissioner Wamble, to approve was made, and was approved.


Courtroom Security – Question was asked, based on an increase in the salary line, has there been an additional employee added.  Answer this increase has to do with who’s doing the work and seniority and matching salary enters into that.  A question by Commissioner Jones on any reason why the unfunded pension liabilities discount factor was raised was answered by the state uses actuary data, and when the Return on Investment (RoI) goes down, the rate goes up.   Commissioner Wamble questioned whether the overall budget should reflect historical data (actual cost) or number of spaces desired and trying to fill by the different organizations.  He further stated that new employees are almost never there for the whole budget year.  Sheriff Kyle in discussing where, if necessary, he could cut the expenses on those potential unfilled spaces, he said his Deputy side tends to stay more stable, and would probably consider more on the jail side.  However, he has certain state standards he has to meet in terms of staffing.  Questions then on whether capital equipment such as vehicles should be placed in the budget at this time, or amend the budget at the time if vehicles, and especially the associated equipment, could be found.  A motion by Commissioner Jones to do a reduction of $51,857.51 (based on medical insurance reduction) was made to the jail category and seconded by Commissioner Roger Reedy.  Motion approved.  Motion changes the Jail total from $2,672,278 to $ 2,621,421.


Drug Enforcement – no discussion


Accounting and Budgeting (Financial Management) Page 8

As Director, Beth discussed the proposed increases, those being for data processing, no hardware included, and cyber-security enhanced.  Audit service went up, with cost state based.


County Executive Page Page 5. County Executive Greene was available to address any questions.   Only discussion centered on the County Attorney line with planned expenses for lawyers dealing with the probation such as monitoring.  Other potential costs also on adult board trial and support on the beer board included in the budget.


Chancery Court Clerk Page 10 – Clerk and Master Crystal Gibson Greene was available to answer questions.  Questions on revenue to offset expenses were raised by Commissioner Jackson.  Revenue for areas such as force of sale on property and fines was mentioned.  Beth mentioned the county does not yet have a year of data to determine the effects of the new probation approach.


County Buildings Page 7 – Commissioner Cesarini questioned where the proposed $1M bid for a new Ambulance building shows, but that does not show at this time, due to timing.  Commissioner Pruett questioned no improvements to the courthouse showing, but per County Executive in approximately 4 weeks a presentation will be given after the evaluation completion.  Based on other programs she sees a significant price tag.  Those funds could come from Hotel/Motel tax or the fund balance.  Just at the present not enough sufficient information for planning purposes, especially given timelines.


Planning Commission Page 6 – Question on county attorney to be included in this budget.


Rabies and Animal Control Page 15– Director Morgan Sutton was available to answer questions.  As mentioned before, salaries show under the Sheriff’s budget.  A question on recent numbers could not be answered off hand.  Commissioner Wamble asked about donations and answer was since January about $1K.  Director Sutton said the free adoptions had significantly helped.  There was a mention of the past two weeks of seven dog attacks.  She also mentioned that she had been working with other animal shelters and with local veterinarians to reduce the cost of vaccinations and with spays and neutering.  Beth mentioned this budget was really tight.  Commission Cesarini asked about the $100K previously approved for a new building, and was she not going to spend that next year.  Beth said the bid came in at $600K so the building never materialized.


Agricultural Extension Service Page 19 – This budget shows a reduction from the 21-22 expenses.  Extension Agent Kevin Rose said in the past UT covered only 28% of county salary and now will cover 28% of all benefits as well.  Insurance for some was grandfathered in.  Per Kevin, the process is we pay TSU and UT for salaries and then are reimbursed.  Kevin’s raise is 2% and with some positions below UT guidelines, they wanted everyone on as a minimum of $15 per hour so almost everyone on staff will get to that in 3 years, but gradually.


Local Health Center and Other Public Health and Welfare Page 15, and Page 18– Director of Public Health Devin Ezell who covers 3 counties was available to address questions.  The Health Center is a county building.  The staff salaries showing under the “Other Public…” are funded through the state and must meet state expectations.  Commissioners Sutton asked about number of employees and answer 10 and in process of hiring 1 more, mixture of county and state.  Even though county employees, they get state raise of 3% (not on top of the 4%).  Per Commissioner Jones this category is offset by a grant of $262,957.


Register of Deeds Page 6 – Registrar Tammy Helton was available to address questions.  Staff 1 FT Registrar, 1 FT and 1 PT.  (PT will be moving to FT).  Increase in maintenance for some of the old books of deeds, where the pages are crumbling.  Tammy said probably do one book a year, and other lines reduced for less need of paper due to digitizing.  Commissioner Cesarini asked when was the last time the fee for registering a deed was raised, $4 to $5 including a $2 fee for processing.  Being discussed now in Legislation mortgage and deed tax to allow more of the fee to be returned to Giles County (currently other fee percentages are returned back to the counties except for the registering of deeds which is at a lower fee percentage.)  Commissioner Wamble asked if all these fees are set by the state and was answered “yes”.


Property Assessors Office Page 8 – Property Assessor Tommy Hyatt was available to address any question.  Question on staff – six FT excludes assessor.  Clarification on the re-appraisal and the state tax rate was stated to be no increase in revenue to the county based on an appraisal.  The appraisal represents current market value, and the tax rate is then developed by the state and is increased/decreased based on keeping the same revenue, plus any additional structure done afterwards and taxed at the new rate.  Question on how many parcels in Giles County, answered with 20K, but these get broken up for smaller ones.  Commissioner Reedy asked if there had been a slight increase in new buildings and was answered “yes”.  Revenue from new constructions was $183,339 which is the 96.5% of the reappraisal amount used for tax purposes.  Commissioner Woodard asked how soon could people call in and get their new tax, and the answer was now.


Veterans Service Page 20 – Although appointed, this position will get a 5% raise.  Commissioner Jackson asked if Veteran Services Officer Barry Alsup would provide some situations helped by this service.  Several specifics were given, e.g., disabled veterans’ applications being approved, and stated not a lot of denials.  Commissioner Cesarini praised this program, which is funded by Federal, State and some local contributions.


General Sessions Court and Judicial Commissioners.  Page 10 and Page 13 Secretary raise is 5%.  Judges’ salaries are set by the state, and this is 4.7%.  On Commissioner Cesarini questioning the two years’ budgets that did not show much increase in the target budget year, the answer was the 21-22 budget reflected a one-time retroactive payment.


Soil Conservation and Forest Service Page 19 – Staff 2 employees.  Except for raise, budget same as current years.


Traffic Control Page 12– county lights on the bypass; Drug Enforcement Page 12– Zeroed out and moved to OEM; County Coroner/Medical Examiner Page 14 – autopsies may increase; Other Public Safety Page 14 – For Tn Highway Patrol in courthouse office.  Communication for phone and increased supplies; Other Local Welfare Services Page 16 – for pauper burials and if never claimed, county is responsible.  Permits cover waste water; Parks and Fair Boards Parks Page 18 – County Executive mentioned how fortunate the county is to have such a dedicated employee, Bennie Birdsong; Flood Control Page 19– moved to OEM; Industrial Development and Economic & Comm Development Page 20– Commissioner Sutton asked about sources of funding and the County Executive stated County, Pulaski, PES (pay a little less than first two), and other towns smaller amounts.  Staff is one FT and one PT;  Airport Page 20– Commissioner Cesarini mentioned the previously approved $7K, for the county’s part of a grant match; Other Charges Page 20 – Beth mentioned the numbers had just been received; Contributions to Other Agencies Page 20 and the $10K was noted as the IDB; Employee Benefits Page 20 – this is a grandfathered in category for extra training and covers 5 – 6 employees, no new employees are covered.; all others zeroed out  Pages 20-21– COVID-19 Grant #1, Miscellaneous, Administration of Justice Projects, capital Projects Donated to Schools, and Operating Transfers out.


County Trustee’s Office Page 9 – Trustee Janice Curtis was available to answer questions.  With a new trustee after the election, the travel line was increased to allow training.  Revenue for this office is $645K which includes commission and other fees.  Staff is Trustee, plus 2 FT and 1PT (in keeping with having two in office at all times).


Sanitation Management, Litter and Trash Collection and Convenience Centers Page 17 – Director Julie Phillips was available to answer questions.  These categories include $30K for capital projects.  Staff is Director and 3 FT and 26 PT covering 4 convenience centers, 1 recycling only, and several trash boxes at all schools and in Elkton.  The capital project would be to build a maintenance facility where the equipment could be serviced on the yard as well as maintenance, located beside the Ag-Park.  Commissioner Gayle Jones mentioned the “other cost” which is the tipping fees, and these budgets are offset by income from recycling.  Julie responded all receipts go into the general fund account, and the revenue was $41K for recycling, tire fees $43K and some grant funding.  Commissioner Cesarini asked if the tire fee is set by local or state and Julie explained the state directed fees, but that local government could do more if decided.  She would put on next agenda.  Commissioner Reedy asked if no building now how is the maintenance, repair done.  Julie mentioned she contracted with Daniels Truck and Trailer Repair for the vehicles and MidTN Ag-Repair for equipment such as back-hoes.  Discussion then followed on the advantages of having a county wide maintenance facility such as other counties do.  Commissioner Reedy motioned to remove the $30K from this budget and Commissioner Jones seconded.  Motion approved 6 to 1, with Commissioner Risner voting no.  Commissioner Cesarini asked when the contracted service for the tipping fee will be up for renewal, and Julie answered either this fall or next.


Ambulance Service Page 16 – EMS Director Roy Griggs was available for questions.  It was noted by Beth that this budget had been trimmed by $75K for medical insurance.    For staff there are 11 employees per shift with that being 24-72.  On being asked about new employees based on the new 24-72, the Director said there had been more interest but some still considering.  The service is currently short 7 paramedics, and are fully staffed with EMTs (who after training can move to the PMs).  Some out of state calling and showing interest.  Commissioner Jones “so overall short 13 employees, do you envision hiring say 10 employees next year”.  The Director said possibly but over quite some time, however the call volume has increased and some of the higher-level care needs EMT, and a supervisor.  Discussion on the use of overtime to cover the shortfalls, and a term “guaranteed overtime” was identified as on 24-48 currently in place.  Regarding the drugs and medical supplies line, $175K, shows little increase due partly in working with the sheriff’s department to use their contracted cost.  Commissioner Adams mentioned the secretary line reflects more than a 4% raise.  Commissioner Cesarini noted the fuel cost shows only minor increase, but Beth said can come back if needed.  Commissioner Reedy discussed budgets showing what might be needed and perhaps reducing other department budgets for known needs.  He asked Roy how many unfilled positions could be removed from the budget.  Roy said he is projecting six employees to be hired by July.  Commissioner Wamble moved to take $100K from the budget and if get people put back in at that time.  Commissioner Jones seconded (after a removal of an earlier motion second by Commissioner Reedy).  Commissioner Cesarini noted that the full commission had agreed to add three people and $200K because of the potential of hiring due to the new work schedule.  The motion was approved 5 -2 with Commissioner Reedy and Commissioner Curry voting no.


Other Emergency Management Page 14 – Josh Young EM was asked by Commissioner Jones when the top vacancy might be expected to be filled.  Potentially to be filled by 1 July with the announcement closing 27 May 2022.  Question on salary was answered by the County Executive that it depends on experience.  During discussion of contracted services for Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE), Commissioner Jones asked if the state contract could be used.  Josh said they would look into using that contract.  For staff 3 employees.


Election Committee Page 6 – Administrator Zena Dickey was available to answer questions.  A staff of 3 FT which includes Director and 2 Deputies.  The Budget has been approved by the Election Commission.  On being asked about number of elections this year, stated there would be 2.  On being asked about people in line after closing of the election, it was noted if in line they would be allowed to vote, but no one else not already in line at that time.


Circuit Court Clerk Page 10–Circuit Court Clerk Natalie Bass Oakley was available to answer questions.    Staff 10 deputy positions with one not being used, nor is the PT position.  Question on revenue, $350K, to offset loaded salaries of $668,049.  A motion by Commissioner Wamble to remove 1 Deputy budget amount and 1 PT amount was made, with Commissioner Jones seconding.  Beth mentioned that the staffing of this office is in the agreement between the County Executive.  Natalie mentioned how COVID had affected the office and timelines to post the positions.  The first motion withdrawn.  Another motion by Commissioner Wamble and seconded by Commissioner Jones was to reduce the unfilled staff budget including taxes to $27,607.  Motion approved.


County Clerk’s Office Page 9 – County Clerk Carol Wade was available to answer questions.  Staff 8 FT including county clerk and 1 PT.  With 1 FT retiring soon the PT will move into that space and another PT will be hired.  Beth referenced under Revenue the Fees in Lieu of Salary that the data is projected as $450K.


After reviewing all of the budget Line Item 101, Budget Chairperson Curry noted the General Fund Proposed Budget for FY 22-23 is reduced by $209,464 (a number provided by Beth). This number is composed of: $30K convenience building, $100K from Ambulance, $51,857 from jail, and $27,607 from Circuit Court.   Reducing the total budget by this amount still left $628,959 over the proposed budget.  As noted previously in the Sheriff’s budget, it was at this time a motion to reduce the budget line for Sheriff’s vehicles by $170K was approved.   That left $458,959 with proposed expenditures over proposed revenue.  Commissioner Pruett asked if the debt service had to stay in and Beth answered “has to”.  A motion was made by Commissioner Wamble, and seconded by Commissioner Curry to put $100K back into the Ambulance and do a resolution to move sales tax into the general fund instead of capital projects to cover the shortfall of $558,959.    Motion approved 4-3 with Commissioners Adams, Reedy, Jones voting no.  Commissioner Sutton asked are there any restrictions on leaving a certain amount in the Fund Balance.  Beth answered that the school category has a restriction but there is none on the Fund Balance.  Commissioner Wamble motioned for approval of the overall proposed Budget Line Item 101 General Fund 22-23 which includes the cuts mentioned above and the sales tax movement to the general fund, and with Commissioner Worsham seconding, the motion was approved.


Budget Line Item 189 Other Capital Projects – A motion by Commissioner Wamble and seconded by Commissioner Pruett to approve the fund’s balance from $6.4M to $5.903969M.  This reflects the $558,959 shortfall described above.


Budget Line Item 127 American Rescue Plan Act Fund – Motion by Commissioner Reedy, seconded by Commissioner Worsham to move the funds into the General Fund.  Motion approved.


Budget Line Item 128 Probation Settlement Fund 128 22-23 Budget This is to put funding in to cover the excess of process expenditures.  Motion by Commissioner Wamble and seconded by Commissioner Worsham to approve.  Motion approved.


BUDGET LINE ITEM 171 – General Capital Projects.  This is a very old account, per Beth and is shown for transparency only.


A motion by Commissioner Wamble, seconded by Commissioner Pruett to take any approved non-profits out of the general fund balance was approved.


NON-PROFIT/CHARITABLE – The following non-profit/charitables were approved:  Giles County Fire and Rescue and Capital Request $277,631 -Approved motion made by Commissioner Reedy, seconded by Commissioner Jones and $50K – Approved motion made by Commissioner Reedy, seconded by Commissioner Worsham with contingent on being funded from Hotel/Motel tax revenue; Giles County Veterans Alliance $2500- Approved motion made by Commissioner Adams, seconded by Commissioner Jones 5-2 with Commissioners Wamble and Worsham voting no; Senior Citizens $20,000 – Approved motion by Commissioner Pruett, seconded by Commissioner Cesarini 6-1 with Commissioner Jones voting no; Giles County Public Library $161,756, Ardmore Public Library $3,650, Campbellsville Library $1,400 Motion to approve the 3 libraries by Commissioner Pruett, seconded by Commissioner Cesarini, approved; Giles County Chamber of Tourist & Commerce $24,710 motion to approve by Commissioner Pruett, seconded by Commissioner Cesarini approved 5-2 with Commissioners Wamble and Jones voting no; Giles County Humane Association $5000 Motion to approve by Commissioner Cesarini, seconded by Commissioner Jones approved 5 – 2 with Commissioners Wamble and Worsham voting no.  A motion to approve the $546,647 for the total of non-profits requests with funding coming from the fund balance was made by Commissioner Wamble, seconded by Commissioner Jones and was approved.


The following non-profit/charitable requests were not approved:  Betterway House -$5k Motion to approve by Commissioner Pruett, seconded by Commissioner Reedy.  Motion failed 2 – 5 with Commissioners Wamble, Adams, G. Jones, Curry, and Worsham voting no; The Pouring Spot – $1K Motion to approve by Commissioner Cesarini, seconded by Commissioner Reedy.   Motion failed 2-5, with Commissioners Wamble, G. Jones, Worsham, Curry, Pruett voting no; Boys & Girls Club of Maury County – $5K Final Motion by Commissioner Reedy and seconded by Commissioner Cesarini to approve $2500 failed 3-4 with Commissioners Wamble, G. Jones, Worsham, Pruett voting no. ; STAAR Theatre & Center for the Arts – $10K Motion to approve by Commissioner Cesarini failed with lack of a second; Minor Hill Public Library – $1,854 Motion to deny by Commissioner Wamble, seconded by Commissioner Curry (due to failing to follow stated rules).  Motion approved to deny with Commissioners Cesarini and G. Jones voting no; American Legion – $850 Motion to approve by Commissioner Pruett, seconded by Commissioner Cesarini.  Motion failed 2-5 with Commissioners Wamble, Reedy, G. Jones, Worsham, and Curry voting no; Rural Food Delivery – $15K Motion to approve by Commissioner Cesarini, and seconded by Commissioner Pruett.  Motion failed 3-4 with Commissioners Wamble, Reedy, G. Jones and Worsham voting no.  Motion to approve $5K was made by Commissioner Reedy and seconded by Commissioner Cesarini.  Motion failed 3-4 with Commissioners Wamble, G. Jones, Pruett, Curry voting no; Breastfeeding Support Group – Pulaski – $1K Motion to approve by Commissioner Cesarini, seconded by Commissioner Pruett.  Motion failed 3 – 4, with Commissioners Wamble, Reedy, G. Jones, and Worsham voting no; Kid’s Place – $7500 Motion to approve by Commissioner Cesarini failed to get a second.  Motion by Commissioner Reedy and seconded by Commissioner Cesarini to approve $2500 failed 3-4 with Commissioners Wamble, G. Jones, Worsham, and Curry voting no; God’s Storehouse – Pulaski – $18K Motion to approve by Commissioner Cesarini failed due to lack of second ; Decision, Choices, and Options – $8K Motion to approve by Commissioner Reedy, seconded by Commissioner Pruett failed 2-5 with Commissioners Wamble, Cesarini, G. Jones, Worsham, and Curry voting no; Giles County Trail of Tears – $10K Motion to approve $5K by Commissioner Reedy and seconded by Commissioner Cesarini failed 3-4 with Commissioners Wamble, G. Jones, Worsham, and Curry voting no.


Tax Rate as calculated by the state was approved after a motion by Commissioner Reedy and seconded by Commissioner Worsham.


Attendees:  Members of Committee – Commissioners Chairman Erin Curry, Larry Worsham, David Adams, Judy Pruett, Roger Reedy, David Wamble and Gayle Jones; Other Commissioners Stoney Jackson, Duane Jones, Tracy Wilburn, Tommy Pollard, Rodney Journey, Harold Brooks, Mike Cesarini, Rose Brown, Joseph Sutton, Joyce Woodard/ Other County Executive Melissa Greene, Financial Management Beth Moore-Sumners, Nancy Griffin, Department Managers (as noted in minutes), and members of the public