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Budget Committee Meeting Minutes – August 4, 2023 (Approved)

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4 August 2023


Chair Commissioner Erin Curry opened the meeting.  The prayer and pledge was lead by Matt Rubelsky.  The minutes of the previous meeting were unavailable.  Public Comments – representatives from Senior Center, Kids Place, Decisions, Development Center, and Chamber spoke.


The agenda included budget amendments and potential non-profit appropriations.

Upon a motion by Terry Jones, and seconded by Judy Pruett to approve the budget amendments for the schools, the motion passed.

The motion regarding an SRO request was likewise approved by the budget committee following a motion by David Adams, seconded by Judy Pruett.

The motion made to give $16,800 to New Canaan Ranch by David Adams, Seconded by Pruett, passed.

The motion made by Pruett to give the Veterans’ Alliance their requested $2,500 failed.

A proposal was made to give $2,500 to Kids Place and the Boys and Girls Club.

Commissioner Pruett made a new motion, seconded by Erin Curry, to fund all non profit requests except New Canaan Ranch (with the approximate cost of $60,000) failed with 4 voting no, and 3 voting yes.

The motion to fund New Canaan Ranch was re-raised by Caleb Savage and seconded by Gayle Jones, for $6,800 passed.

The motion to fund the Boys & Girls Club the requested $5,000, made by Judy Pruett and seconded by Joseph Sutton, failed with 4 voting no, 3 voting yes.

The motion to fund the Senior Citizens Center $20,000 by Pruett, seconded by Sutton, failed 4 to 3.

The motion to fund the Chamber of Commerce its requested $24,710 failed 4 to 3.

The motion to fund the Kids Place $5,000 by Pruett, seconded by Sutton, passed with 4 voting yes and 3 voting no.

The motion to fund Decisions Choices and Options failed for lack of a second.

Pruett’s motion seconded by Sutton to fund the Child Development Center failed by a vote of 4 to 3.




As to the E-911 & Ambulance Department, comments were offered … the Airport was also discussed.



Motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Savage seconded by Adams with unanimous consent.


ATTENDEES:    Members of the Committee:  Chair Commissioner Erin Curry, Gayle Jones, Joseph Sutton, David Adams, Terry Jones, and Judy Pruett.


Other Commissioners in attendance: Matt Rubelsky, Brad Butler, Tim Risner, David Wamble, Rose Brown, Caleb Savage, Shelly Goolsby, Joyce Woodard, Tracy Wilburn, Roger Reedy, James Lathrop, Annelle Guthrie, and Evan Baddour.