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Budget Committee Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2024 (Unapproved)

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5 APRIL 2024

The Chair Commissioner Erin Curry opened the meeting by identifying members of the committee who were absent and who was representing that district, i.e., Commissioner Matt Rubelsky for Commissioner Gayle Jones and Commissioner Joseph Sutton for Commissioner Evan Baddour.  The Minutes of 8 March 2024 were moved for approval by Commissioner Judy Pruett, seconded by Commissioner Matthew Hopkins, and were approved unanimously.

The budget amendment for the school’s general-purpose fund, discussed in same day previous school meeting, was moved for approval by Commissioner Judy Pruett, seconded by Commissioner Matthew Hopkins, and was approved unanimously.

Budget Amendment for Other capital projects fund which includes the bond issuance & contribution to schools.  For the period the bond funds are not paid out but are invested until that time, Commissioner Matthew Hopkins asked who receives the interest, the school’s general fund (since the bond is for the renovation of Bridgeforth school) or the county’s general fund (since the county receives and is held accountable for the bond).  The Financial Manager Beth Moore-Sumners said the interest would be placed in the county general fund, although the issue is still being considered. 

Commissioner Curry asked about the school bus that had been involved in a wreck and suffered some water damage, especially electronics.  Ms.  Vickie Beard gave additional information on that bus, and Commissioner Roger Reedy asked if there is still some type of program to evaluate a school bus’s viability other than mileage.  Ms. Beard said regardless of other concerns any bus with over 218K miles will be retired per the state requirements.  The County Executive Graham Stowe said he had discussed with state representative Clay Doggett on revising state mandates on this issue.  A motion by Commissioner David Adams, seconded by Commissioner Judy Pruett to approve the amendments on Other Capital Projects and School Capital Projects was made and was unanimously approved.

The Chair asked if the public had any remarks on the agenda and there being none, Commissioner Matthew Hopkins motioned to adjourn, and with Commissioner Davids Adams providing the second the motion was approved unanimously.    

Members of the Committee:  Chair Commissioner Erin Curry, Other Commissioner members:   Matt Rubelsky for Gayle Jones (absent), Judy Pruett, Terry Jones, David Adams, Matthew Hopkins, Joseph Sutton for Evan Baddour (absent)   Other Commissioners in attendance:  Shelly Goolsby, Tammy Mathis, Joyce Woodard, Rose Brown, Annelle Guthrie, Roger Reedy      Other in attendance:   County Executive Graham Stowe, Financial Management Director Beth Moore-Sumners, and Shanna Woodard, School Superintendent Dr. Vicki Beard, Members of the public