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Our Collection

This collection of records, WWI Soldiers and Other Veterans, was discovered in file cabinets in the back of closets in our courthouse in 2020. This is a relatively small collection and the paper it is printed on is very brittle. The Giles County Archivists, Barbara Garrett Nicolson and Clara Parker, felt it important to flatten, surface clean, sleeve in mylar and make available online, these documents, so that they may be viewed by the public at large. This project was made possible by a grant from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission of the National Archives, expedited by Tennessee State Library and Archives and the Tennessee Secretary of State.

Copyright 2021 by Giles County Archives. This publication may be downloaded and printed for educational, genealogical or historical research use only. Permission is expressly denied by the publisher as to reproduction for sale in any format, both print and digital.

These four volumes were designed by CSllc Consulting for the Giles County Archives. For questions, additions, corrections or dialogue, please contact the Giles County Archives at 931-363-8434. Visit gilescountytn.gov/archives for more information about the Archives’ collections.

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