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24 JANUARY 2022


Chairman Stoney Jackson noted that prayer and pledge had been offered before in a same day meeting.  He asked for a motion on the previous minutes of 10 January 2022, and Erin Curry motioned with Judy Pruett seconding for approval.  Minutes were approved.


Dr Vicki Beard, Giles County School Superintendent, discussed a proposed 141 Budget Amendment with the first part of that amendment addressing school buses, 90 passenger capability.  The purchase of those buses had been approved in the Legislative body the previous Tuesday and this amendment would move the funding of those buses ($367,593) from the Fund Balance to the Transportation Equipment line item.  The second part of the proposed Budget Amendment was to approve a STEM grant contingent upon the school board’s approval.  That board had met before this grant became available and due to timing was brought to the County School Committee at this time.  Rodney Journey moved for approval contingent upon the School Board approval, with Judy Pruett seconding, and the motion was approved.


Additional questions on status of buses and the starting point of the approved renovations were raised.  Dr. Beard mentioned the age of some of the buses, being more than 19 years old and that the new buses would replace those on the city routes.  Re the renovation effort, Dr. Beard said that the construction manager had been approved and now as soon as the contract is signed, the effort would be starting.


Rodney Journey moved for adjournment with Erin Curry seconding.  Motion approved.


Attendees:  Chairman Stoney Jackson, Erin Curry, Mike Cesarini, Rodney Journey, Gayle Jones for Brad Butler (absent), Joseph Sutton, Judy Pruett, Other Larry Worsham, Tommy Pollard, David Adams, Joyce Woodard, Duane Jones, Tim Risner, Terry Harwell, Roger Reedy, Harold Brooks, David Wamble, Rose Brown