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Request for Qualifications for Professional Architectural and Engineering Services

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TO:                         Qualified Architectural and Engineering Firms

FROM:                 Giles County Commission

RE:                          Facilities Condition Assessment for Giles County Courthouse

DATE:                    July 12, 2021


Giles County desires to conduct a Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) as the first step in renovating/rehabilitating the currently functioning Giles County Courthouse, originally constructed in 1909.  The courthouse is located at Pulaski Courthouse Square, Pulaski, Tennessee and is part of the Pulaski Courthouse Square Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Historic Giles County Courthouse presently being used, is the fifth building occupied by the government in Giles County. Three previous structures were destroyed by fires in 1813, 1856 and 1907.  The courthouse was built on the French Renaissance design.  The structure is 120 feet long, 110 feet wide and 85 feet from ground to clock (110 feet from ground to dome).  The dome is 34 feet in diameter and the rotunda is 32 feet in diameter.  Alabama marble was laid on the first and second floors with two grand staircases at the east entrance and one secondary staircase on the west entrance.  An ADA accessible entrance is on the lower level with an elevator to access the multiple stories.


The primary objective of this project is to perform a facilities condition assessment for Giles County to use when evaluating and prioritizing rehabilitation and restorative activities for the currently functioning historic county courthouse.  The evaluation will include condition of both interior and exterior aspects of the building.  The FCA should include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Fire, Life, Safety Prioritization
  • Evaluation of MPE/Systems/Low Voltage
  • Structural Evaluation
  • Exterior Deterioration/Stone/Appurtenances/Windows
  • Security
  • Ingress/Egress/ADA Compliance

Prospective firms/teams should consider the above listed FCA elements when preparing statements of qualification.

It is the intent of Giles County to continue the active use of the building for the judicial court system and for community and office functions during rehabilitation activities and into the future.




The selection process will comprise a Letter of Interest (LOI) and Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) in two rounds (submittals).

First Round – Letter of Interest

Interested firms/teams must submit a Letter of Interest by 3:00 p.m. July 30, 2021.  At a minimum, the Letter of Interest must include the General Firm Information (Details listed below), the name of primary contact of the Firm, and two similar project references (including the name and phone number for project Owner).  Letters of Interest may include an appendix that lists questions and clarifications to be answered prior to the Second Round.  Giles County, at its discretion, may eliminate firms/teams during this first submittal and dis-allow submittal of a full SOQ package.

Second Round – Statement of Qualifications

Firms will be notified of their successful/unsuccessful selection to submit a formal Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). Selected firms must submit their SOQ by 3:00 p.m. August 27, 2021.



The response to a request for qualifications should be a statement of qualifications submitted in the following format:

  1. General Firm Information:

Name, address and brief description of firm, including the number of years in business, number of offices, number of positions of staff, scope of professional services provided and overall organization of firm.  Include information for any companies that may be partnering in this opportunity.

  1. Key Staff Resumes:

Resumes of key personnel to be assigned to this project, including name, type of formal education and training, type of professional licenses, number of years of professional experience.

  1. Ability to Perform:

A one-page narrative as to the firm’s interest, particular abilities and qualifications related to this project.

  1. Relevant Project Experience:

A description of similar projects designed by your firm including up-to-date reference contacts for these projects.

  1. Proposed Schedule:

Based on the projected selection date and Notice to Proceed, provide a proposed schedule of work including major tasks and milestones.

Qualified firms should also be willing to help the community develop methods to reduce overall project costs, including capital costs and annual operation expenses.


The Giles County Commission will receive submissions from qualified licensed/registered architectural and engineering firms/teams.  An electronic LOI submittal (PDF) must be received by the date and time noted in the schedule below.

Three (3) hardcopies and an electronic copy (PDF) of the SOQ must be received by the date and time noted in the schedule below.


Honorable Melissa Greene

Giles County Courthouse Annex

P.O. Box 678

Pulaski, TN  38478-0678


(931) 363-5300



Giles County Courthouse Annex

222 West Madison Street

Pulaski, TN  38478



The Giles County Commission intends to adhere to the following general schedule:

RFQ Issuance July 12, 2021

First Round LOI Submissions Received July 30, 2021

Notification of First Round Selection / Q&A Response August 6, 2021

Second Round SOQ Submissions Received August 27, 2021

Selection Notification September 3, 2021

Notice to Proceed September 20, 2021



  • This project is for planning purposes only, funding for design/construction activities based on the findings of the FCA will be requested in a future capital budget.
  • Other than questions submitted for the clarification of this RFQ (see above), interested firms/teams shall not contact any members or employees of the Giles County Board of Commissioners, any elected official within Giles County, or any elected officer or employee of Giles County and its court system regarding this RFQ, evaluation, or selection process from the time this RFQ is issued until award of the contract.
  • It is the proposing firm/team’s responsibility to ensure that all information in the submittal is easily readable by the Giles County Commission. The Giles County Commission, at their sole discretion, may reject any submittal which is ambiguous or unclear in any way.
  • Compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, codes and standards is required for this project.
  • All applicable federal, state and local safety rules and regulations will be adhered to by firm/team/subcontractors for the duration of the project.
  • Giles County is an equal opportunity employer and a drug free workplace.