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Regional Planning Commission Minutes, February 2, 2021

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Regional Planning Committee Minutes

Feb. 2, 2021 | 5:00pM | Meeting called to order by Erin Curry

In Attendance

Erin Curry, Executive Melissa Greene, Kristin Pfeiffer, Tommy Pollard, David Adams, Roger Reedy, Stoney Jackson, Tamieka Russell, Duane Jones, Joyce Woodard, John Haislip, Mike Cesarini, David Wamble

Prayer & Pledge

Prayer and Pledge led by Tommy Pollard.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the 11/10/20 meeting’s minutes by Jackson and seconded by Pollard. Motion Passed.

A motion was made to approve the 01/05/21 meeting’s minutes by Jackson and seconded by Russell. Motion Passed


Curry states the new By-Laws have been signed by her and Reedy and are ready to go.

Subdivision Plans

No subdivision plans to approve

Building Codes

Curry gives the floor to Greene to cover statistics on Building Permits

We currently have residential building codes for the county.

Building permits come through the state, not the county.

$15 comes to the county. The remainder goes to the state.

There are currently no commercial building codes in the county.

She gets a call questioning the rules at least once a week.

With the upcoming college transition, we are all expecting growth.

Currently, when building permits are done online the county gets no money.





2017-2020 One and Two-Family Dwelling Totals

Total Permits Issued 315
Avg Per Month 6.6
Total Construction Cost 2016 $49,365,270.54
Total Permits Cost $174,750.00
Total State Received $167,140.00
Total County REceived $5,395
total is using ICC Recommendation $646,550.31
Total at $1.25 a square foot $855,402.25


Almost all permits were done online in 2020. The county has essentially lost a year’s worth of revenue due to processing online.

By implementing this the county would need to have a person to do this job.

That $646,530 could more than cover the cost of the position.

This position could answer the numerous calls questioning what is and isn’t allowed, and is a tremendous service to our community.


Greene adds that this will not make any changes to residential codes.

She would like to present this position to the commission.

If approved, many of the things that would be covered in land use management would now be covered in codes.

This would cover the duplication of effort.

Greene advises this group to continue moving forward with the zoning portion of the land use management. Hopefully, many of the other issues will be covered in commercial codes.

Permitting costs with ICC are approx 93 cents per square foot.

Greene adds that when these are done online, how do we know when it’s complete to add to our tax roll? Doing this in-house would allow new properties to be immediately added to our tax roll.

Reedy adds that the assessor used to get new properties from PES


Curry clarifies that the commission has to vote to follow state building codes every four years. Confirmed by Jackson.

Jackson states that in 2016 the commission voted to follow the state codes to not have to pay an employee. however, there was not as much building going on then.


Pollard adds that he does not want to make changes to residential building codes

Curry clarifies that Greene is suggesting the Giles County do the permitting and in return, Giles County receives the funds. This is not a proposal to change any requirements. This change is only to who does the permitting and who gets the money.

Adams adds that times are good now and we can afford a salary to pay an employee, but what happens in the events that we can’t?

Greene states that 2020 took a major toll on construction due to costs, and if we could afford it then, she feels that we could moving forward as well.

Land Use Management Plan

Curry states that with the new strands of Covid, the committees have agreed to try and spend less time together.

She has printed off copies for every one of the Franklin Co. Zoning Plan of commercial and industrial sections.

She asks the committee to take the current plan, and the Franklin Co. Commercial/Industrial Section and do a comparison.

Mark the things you like, mark the things you don’t. Make overall notes on your thoughts.

Hopefully, by the next meeting, everyone will feel more comfortable to be able to be together and the committee can begin addressing the changes they want to make.

Keep in mind all changes will have to pass the county commission.

This committee does not need to address much of the residential section.


Old Business/ New Business

No Old or New business


Motion to adjourn made by Pollard, Seconded by Adams.