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1 March 2022


Chairman Scott Stewart opened the meeting by asking Tommy Pollard to offer the prayer and lead the pledge.  The 1 February 2022 minutes were moved for approval by Roger Reedy and seconded by Tommy Pollard, and were approved.  County Attorney Lucy Henson noted that the minutes needed to be signed by the Secretary, Roger Reedy, and filed.

Old Business – Lucy discussed a previous item, i.e. closing of the Hidden Hollow road.  As part of a two-step process Lucy provided two letters to be forwarded to two land owners whose property touches Hidden Hollow Road, notifying them of the closure.  As part of that two-step process the Highway Department has been provided everything they need, this body, she stated, will then vote yes or no on closing and will send to the full commission.  The two letters are part of that process timing, which can be done as the letter, or in the paper.  If approved by this body, Lucy will then prepare a resolution for the full commission.  That then requires a majority vote for either the closing or denial.  If approved, the closing will have to come up to spec.  Hidden Hollow is currently a narrow, chip and tar road.  Lucy further stated that she has done a comprehensive review of deeds, maps and owners prior to preparing the letters.  Steve Kelley, Highway Department, noted that this closing is only a partial closing of the road, with only an  .22 mile closing out of a total of an .82 mile.  David Adams questioned whether there was anybody that owned property between the applicants desiring to close the road with concerns about property owners being landlocked.  However, Lucy assured the commission that she had done due diligence along with the Highway Department to ensure the proper steps had been taken.  Several commissioners raised concerns about the enforcing the build of the turnaround which is to be built upon closing the .22 mile.  Comment by the Chairman Scott Stewart that the County’s Highway Department would have to build if the two owners asking for the closure and currently agreeing to build the turnaround failed to do so.  They would then be billed by the county.    Mr. Osborne who lives on that road also expressed his concerns about the turnaround.  For example, could it accommodate school buses, or other large vehicles, and he was assured by Steve Kelley that the turnaround would be built to county specifications.  An earlier motion by Tommy Pollard and seconded by John Haislip to close 1162 ft of Hidden Hollow Road, send letters to the property owners who had stated their concerns to the closing, include information on the turnaround, and send to the full commission based upon the Highway Department recommendation had been made.  After the above discussion the motion was approved.


2nd Agenda Item – Subdivision Standards.  This was included in the agenda due to a previous meeting where it was unclear as to timing, how many copies should be provided, and to whom should the copies be given.  Lucy noted that the commission has 60 days after receipt to allow a comprehensive review of the plats, although the scheduling of meetings does push that timing somewhat.  Tommy Pollard noted the bond value retained has fluctuated and needs more attention in the Standards.  The number of copies showing both five and six was discussed as to who needs them, both the preliminary copies and the final copies.  For now, the preliminary copies go to County Executive, County Clerk, Highway Department, Registrar of Deeds, 911, and Office of Emergency Management.  Timing of when required, who gets them, how are they provided to the various parties, what happens to the preliminary copies and what happens to the final copies was discussed.  After that discussion, Chairman Stewart noted there would be no action on the Standards in this meeting, but encouraged all to be prepared to discuss at the next meeting.


Old Business – None


New Business – Braly Lane.  Lucy noted that there are approximately 42 acres on Braly Lane which sold in September and there has been substantial clearing of those acres.  Rumors are circulating that 40 – 50 homes may be built on those acres; however, nothing has come before this commission.  Erin stated that if more than one acre has been graded (moved dirt), then a TDEC permit is required.  Discussion on what action might be required included:  send the owners a courtesy letter with a copy of the Standards; worst cases – if proceed without due diligence and do a road, would not be accepted as a county road; do more research by Lucy.  Concerns about how to approach this could set precedents for others, so Lucy suggested that she do more research and report back next month.  Chairman Stewart also noted that the location is near his home and he could do a neighborly approach.


Motion by John Haislip and seconded by Tommy Pollard to adjourn.  Motion approved.



Attendees:  Chairman Scott Stewart, John Haislip, Roger Reedy, Tamieka Russell, Kristen Pfeiffer, David Adams, Erin Curry, Malcolm Moore, Tommy Pollard Other Commissioners – Harold Brooks, Larry Worsham, Joseph Sutton, Joyce Woodard Mike Cesarini Other –County Attorney Lucy Henson, Steve Kelley Highway Department and Member of the Public Mr. Osborne