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20 MAY 2022


Chairman and Commissioner Tracy Wilburn called the meeting to order asking for a motion on the 10 January 2022 minutes.  Commissioner Rose Brown moved for approval, Commissioner Tommy Pollard seconded.  Motion approved.  Prayer and Pledge were offered in previous same-day meeting.


The meeting was called to clarify some requests in a previous meeting on an additional budget increase of $7K for the airport service.  County Executive Melissa Greene provided a handout developed by the Pulaski city management, and showing Total Budget, including expenditures and funds available for the airport.  Per information provided by the city the airport expenses typically show one year behind, only being provided until audited numbers are available.  After audit the city of Pulaski pays ½ and the county pays ½ of the expenses.  Commissioner Gayle Jones had talked to the airport manager, Randy Jones, and the request is probably for the county’s share of a match for a grant to clear land at the airport.  Commissioner David Wamble, not a member of this committee, suggested a cap on the county’s budget of $50K.  Gayle said she believes this is the best run department within the county, and that it is a bargain in terms of salary, just check other airports.  Commissioner Roger Reedy, on discussing who uses the airport, said many farmers use it as their airport for crop dusting, and that will only increase.  David commented he never said Randy wasn’t doing a good job, only that the county had no budget information.  Commissioner Larry Worsham agreed with Randy that the $7K was for a cash match to a grant.  Gayle mentioned further that approximately $132K of timber was sold, with the county’s share ($66K) going into the general fund, so a great offset to the expenses at the airport.  County Executive Melissa Greene commented that the airport does a lot of grants, and the $7K request is similar to other county budget amendments.  She also mentioned that the city does all of the paperwork for the airport which is a big help to the county.  Communication from the airport through the city was sited as being possible, but the county should ask for quarterly updates, flights in and out, and grants.  Melissa agreed that she would ask.  A motion by Commissioner Tommy Pollard, seconded by Commissioner Tim Risner was made to send the budget request of $7K to the budget committee.  Motion approved.


With no old, new business Commissioner Tommy Pollard moved for adjournment, with Commissioner Tim Risner seconding.  Motion approved.


Attendees:  Commissioners Tracy Wilburn (chairman), Tommy Pollard, Tim Risner, Duane Jones, Erin Curry, Rose Brown, Joyce Woodard  Other Commissioners David Wamble, Stoney Jackson, Joseph Sutton, Judy Pruett, Mike Cesarini, Larry Worsham, Gayle Jones, Roger Reedy, David Adams  Other County Executive Melissa Greene, and members of the public