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Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2022 (Approved)

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10 NOVEMBER 2022


The Chair Commissioner Evan Baddour asked for a motion to approve the agenda.  Commissioner Caleb Savage moved for approval, and with Commissioner Terry Jones providing the second, the agenda was approved unanimously.   No prayer or pledge was offered due to being provided in a previous same day meeting for the School Committee.  The Minutes of 29 September 2022 were then moved for approval by Commissioner Terry Jones, seconded by Commissioner Caleb Savage, and were approved unanimously.


First Agenda Item – Resolution to change the name for the Ambulance Service Department to the Emergency Services Division.  Commissioner David Adams asked why the need for the change.  The County Executive said the organization would provide oversight for emergency management with reporting from Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and Giles County Fire and Rescue (GCFR) and the budgeting for one organization would allow efficiencies in how the county budget, e.g., same equipment is used in some cases by all three, is developed.  Commissioner David Wamble asked if Bill Myers of GCFR, is OK with the change since they currently have a Board that does oversight and that to make overall change would require an additional hire for administration.  The County Executive said GCFR is fine with the change.  Commissioner Judy Pruett asked why has the county had all the separate agencies and why is GCFR considered and approved for appropriated funding as a non-profit.  Commissioner Terry Jones asked about the other Heads of Departments and were they in favor of this change.  The County Executive said the change would lay the ground work for more efficiency; the gap on vacancy for EMS with an interim Director still being worked; take out from reporting directly to the County Executive.  He further said he is not proposing this today just bringing information.  Commissioner Roger Reedy asked about liability insurance, and the County Executive said not making them a county agency.  A motion to approve was made by Commissioner Matt Hopkins and seconded by Commissioner Caleb Savage.  Commissioner Terry Jones said there is too little information, considered the change premature.  Commissioner Joyce Woodard asked if they would continue to be funded as a non-profit  Commissioner Tracy Wilburn asked who would be over ambulance; and Commissioner Terry Jones said somebody would have to be boss.  A question by Commissioner Judy Pruett on conflict wording resulted in Commissioner Baddour saying could do this in full commission.  The early motion was voted by role call with a unanimous approval to send to full commission.


Next Agenda Item – Discussion of Rules – The County Executive brought two books on Robert’s Rules of Order which he described as orderly, timely, fair, impartial parliamentary procedures which protect the minority.  The Rules are the most widely used manual of parliamentary procedures in the United States and are used for various organizations, i.e. local government.   An earlier example was given of motion to table an issue.  Another example the County Executive said was a motion he would reconsider, that is if there is a substantive change to a motion such as was considered on meeting time change, Robert’s Rules say only a person from the winning side can make a request for reconsidering.  Commissioner Gayle Jones asked if that is for only one meeting, that day, and can it come up again in the next meeting and the answer was yes.  For unanimous consent on something relatively non-controversial voting can be made with a group aye, however, if any commissioners voice any disagreement, then a full role call vote should be taken.  Commissioner Shelly Goolsby asked why if these rules address all, why have county rules.  The County Executive said there would always be some exceptions, e.g., on budget want a recorded vote.  According to the written county rules they come first, and Robert’s Rules come second.  County Executive said these are for the exceptions.  Commissioner David Wamble said the county rules was so that you could run a meeting with four pages not 400.  The County Executive pointed out in his first full commission meeting, all he had were the written – that both local and Robert’s Rules are needed.  He further mentioned the new tablets to be used in future voting.  The chair said no action required on this today.  Commissioner Gayle Jones mentioned some confusing language, and the Chair said send any recommendations to him.

Next Agenda Item old/new business – need to formalize the hiring process.  The discussion centered on the hiring of the county attorney process where no questions were allowed of the various prospects.  The Chair mentioned would have to be in the rules.  Commissioner Terry Jones said we could put it on the County Executive and he could bring to us to vote.  Further that is done in about 50% of other counties.  A motion by Commissioner Caleb Savage seconded by Commissioner Terry Jones to allow presentation of three minutes and five minutes for questions to prospects on the hiring of next county attorney was made.  Another question why were we not supposed to ask questions was made by Commissioner Annelle Guthrie, and the Chair said he suspected because it was on suspended rules.  Re the motion Commissioner Gayle Jones asked if the question would be directed toward one candidate at a time, or all as a group.  The amendment was changed and again by Commissioner Caleb Savage and seconded by Commissioner Terry Jones to allow up to five minutes , with no time limit on questions from the commission.  A role call vote showed unanimous approval.


The County Executive discussed amended motions and recommended take time to write it out, since sometime the exact motion statement is difficult after discussion (for purposes of the minutes as well).  Commissioner Roger Reedy noted that sometimes the motion is amended right away, not giving any time to write it down and providing it to the County Clerk for the minutes timely.


A motion by Commissioner Caleb Savage, and seconded by Commissioner Matt Rubelsky to adjourn was made and was approved.



ATTENDEES:    Members of the Committee:  Chair Commissioner Evan Baddour, Commissioners:  Joyce Woodard, Terry Jones, Annelle Guthrie, Caleb Savage, Judy Pruett and Matt Rubelsky Other Commissioners in attendance:  David Adams, Rose Brown, Erin Curry, Shelly Goolsby, Matt Hopkins, Gayle Jones, Dr. James Lathrop, Roger Reedy, Joseph Sutton, David Wamble, Tracy Wilburn, Maurice Woodard Other Attendees: County Executive Graham Stowe, Financial Management Beth Moore-Sumners, Roy Griggs, Director Ambulance (Emergency Medical Services), Josh Young Emergency Management Services Interim Director, members of the public